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What can i do for my dogs teeth?

my dog has bad teeth and shes going to the vet to get them fixed, after that happens, what can i do to keep them healthy and clean?

What can i do for my dogs teeth?
I have a dog exactly like you described. She will not let me near her with a toothbrush at all. So, what I do is take a damp wash cloth and wipe her teeth with that. It gets the buildup off her teeth and stimulates her gums.
Reply:You can start by brushing them
Reply:Buy some dog toothbrush and toothpaste from the vet, and brush it every day.
Reply:do what you do ever morning and at night....
Reply:Brush the dogs teeth at least once a week; preferably more often, (i.e. daily) if you know she has teeth problems. (Make sure you use a toothpaste made for dogs. Human toothpaste is a no-no for dogs.)

Give chews, such as bully sticks and raw bones, to help clean the teeth.
Reply:brushing on an everyday basis helps. there are special toothpastes made for dogs that with decrease the amount of cleanings they have to do.
Reply:You can actually brush her teeth a couple of times a week. They make special toothpaste for dogs. In addition, any kind of "dental chews" are helpful as they remove plaque and massage the gums.
Reply:Brush them every day.

It will take some time and patience but you will be able to make this a normal part of the day for both of you and your dog will have a healthy smile.

The article I linked below has some really good tips for getting started.
Reply:Regular cleaning at the vet is best, talk to them about how often.
Reply:don't try to stick a toothbrush in his mouth straight out if he doesn't like it, first put some cheese on your finger (or whatever else he likes that can stick to your finger) and put your finger in the side of your dog's mouth, and 'brush' let him get the feel of having something brushing his teeth. you can gradually move onto the toothbrush later on.

as for something else, rawhides keep dogs teeth clean and strong, pretty much deemed 'nature's toothbrush', and great, high-quality kibble is great for your dog's teeth too (like canidae or innova)

and you can get "denta-bones", which are basically chew toys with ridges on the sides, to help your dog's gums and teeth out too.
Reply:Well ask the vet for advice on getting the dog to adjust to gettin his teeth brushed. Also ask if he carries C.E.T HEXtra chews. They have chlorhexidine in them that helps a lot with keeping the teeth cleaner also. I give my dog one every day and along with the brushing her teeth are very white and clean
Reply:Some dogs need to get their teeth cleaned every year, if you brush and feed dental food there is not much left. I have heard of a new gel that is suppose to help this, ask your vet about it.
Reply:ask ur vet about a fairly new product leba III...

it is supposed to work Great on keeping the teeth clean.

it comes in spray or a gel u rub on the teeth and gums.
Reply:hows he/she go about eating raw bones? raw bones once a week replacing their meal can help keep there teeth healthy. i understand completly about your dog not liking its teeth being done one of mine cant stand it try using your finger instead of a dog tooth brush and buy some meaty flavoured tooth paste from the vet. take the oppertunity while its comfortable and just try start by just lifting its "lips" and then reward with praise or a treat whatever makes it fun then gradually start to move your finger along the teeth... dont push your dog too hard though small steps are the key. hope it helps
Reply:Brush teeth - even one; then say, '___, good girl!' and give her a [tooth cleaning ] treat.

Repeat daily, so you can brush longer each time.

They sell doggy toothpaste at the pet stores [ never use human toothpaste on animals ].

Pretty soon, she will start to like it!

[ We adopted one year old cats, and they had to be taught to hold still for teeth, brushing, etc., and both of them have had several baths - lots of fun! Now they love brushing and teeth - not baths, though! ]
Reply:I have a miniature dachshund who is prone to bad teeth and breath. She's 8 years old and I've taken her to the vet twice to get her teeth cleaned (it's costly). She used to not like chewing bones, but she absolutely loves beef tendon by Merrick. She likes the Doggie Wishbone and LOVES the Flossies. Good luck.
Reply:After a dental cleaning there are diets available from the vet only that really do help to reduce the amount of plaque and tartar that build up on the teeth. Brushing isn't always possible to do on every animal, some will just not tolerate it. The diets I am talking about are called Prescription diet t/d %26amp; medi-cal dental formula. I have seen these diets work wonders when it comes to keeping the teeth clean after a dental scale %26amp; polish.
Reply:You can try brushing her teeth at least once a week. Make sure to use a toothpaste approved for animals, not human toothpaste, and either a dog toothbrush or a baby toothbrush (adult brushes have harder bristles and they can be too hard on your dogs gums)

If brushing is not an option, there are different things that you could try.

1 - Give the dog some of the toothpaste every day or so - the toothpaste alone may help slow the buildup of plaque and tartar.

2 - Ask your vet about treats or food that you can feed your dog to aid in good dental hygiene. There are a variety of them available - a couple of good treats are Medi-Cal Medi-Treats, or C.E.T. Dental Chews. A couple of good diets are Medi-Cal Dental Diet or Hills Prescription T/D. Your vet may also have some other ideas to help you keep your dogs teeth and mouth clean and plaque %26amp; tartar free.

I would recommend avoiding the Greenies unless you are able to be with her when she's having them. They have been the cause of choking in some dogs because they break off a piece %26amp; swallow it, but it can be too big.

Best of luck with your dog! :)
Reply:raw turkey necks. The bones will help clean the teeth.

Green Tripe(not the tripe int eh super market). It helps kill bacteria that causes bad breath.
Reply:get her a bone its full of calcium and the scraping action keeps her teeth clean and gums healthy

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At what age does a dog loose its baby teeth?

Puppies and kittens, just like children, lose their deciduous (baby) teeth before their permanent teeth erupt. By six months of age, most dogs and cats have their full complement of adult teeth and any tooth loss after about one year of age is certainly cause for alarm. Because most deciduous teeth in pets are very thin and fragile, most owners never see them, and most veterinarians likely forget to mention the phenomenon. Any deciduous teeth remaining in place after eruption of the permanent teeth should be removed by your veterinarian

At what age does a dog loose its baby teeth?
Mine lost all of hers before her 1st birthday. It started around 5 months. Hope that helps.
Reply:Do Dogs loose their baby teeth.I don't think so.I hv nv seen any of my Dog's teeth fall.I think as they grow their teeths get stronger and there will be more teeths I guess.
Reply:they normaly lose them at 3 to 8 months
Reply:I think around 10 mounths or so mine hasn't lost any yet.
Reply:Four months and that is a fact! That is always a good way of telling the age of a dog or cat.

By twelve months they have a full set of lovely white full teeth.

Reply:Mine has never lost his and he is 35 in dog years and 5 in human years.
Reply:you dont see them because they swallow them or if the fall out they are so tiny you cant see them in carpet...they start losing the baby teeth about 5 months old and should have most of their adult teeth by 1 year occasionally depending on what breed they dont have their back adult teeth until a little later...the baby teeth have no roots and fall out quite easily as they fall they create a passageway for the adult teeth to break through...this is when you find the dog chews on anything to get relief...give rasks/chewstix or something like that to aid teething
Reply:my puppy is 5 months and he has lost some of his teeth, so i'd say around the 4-5 month stay.
Reply:Why are you asking?

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How can I teach my dog to show her teeth to look like she is smiling?

for some dogs, that is a natural "appeasement" face. if ur dog is one, use clicker training to mark and reward it. if not, try to lure her in a way to make the face, and still, click and reward. otherwise, wait it out, and catch her in the instant she may accidentally do it, mark and reward.

How can I teach my dog to show her teeth to look like she is smiling?
Put a cat near her and make her growl.
Reply:All the dogs that I know that do this (I think it is three or four of them) just did it naturally. No one taught any of them and I don't know if you can teach a dog to smile. Those that do smile, you can teach them to smile on cue and teach them the word 'smile' so when you want them to do it, you can just tell them.

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Will it hurt for a dog to have his teeth pulled out because he bite a child.?

this is his 5th time he's bite but the child he bite was only 2 years old. We don't want to have to put him down because we love him very much. My grandparents got him when he was 2 but little kids had picked on him before my granparents got him but my grandparents don't know all the details.

Will it hurt for a dog to have his teeth pulled out because he bite a child.?
I think you should teach the child not to bother the dog! The dog was only reacting the only way that it can.
Reply:Have you tried training him not to bite? Taking his teeth out just for biting is inhumane and cruel to the dog..
Reply:How would you feel, if you had all your teeth pulled? Of course it'd hurt!!!!

Why not learn to keep the dog away from children? You know he has an issue with them. It's the owner's responsibility! Don't torture the dog by pulling his teeth because he's still allowed around children.

Anyways, consider muzzling him when he's around children, but let the dog keep his teeth.
Reply:I don't think that is very humane. If you pull his teeth it's likey to make him more mean. Plus I don't know of any vets that will pull out all of a dogs teeth for that reason. More like keep him away from kids.
Reply:Try to check with local animal adoption agencies to see if someone else can adopt your dog. Ofcourse dogs need teeth to chew their good. It is inhuman and crazy to even think of pulling its teeth out.
Reply:This is great reading :)
Reply:This is the wrong approach. No ethical vet would do this. A dog can still crush the throat of a child without teeth. You need to have a visit with a veterinary behaviorist ASAP, not just a trainer.
Reply:The TEETH are NOT the issue here -- the BEHAVIOR is the issue. Contact a professional canine behaviorist about his biting problem NOW (though this should have been done the FIRST time he bit a child)!!!!

If you can't get this behavior problem under control -- or if you are unwilling to take the time and effort it will take to help this dog -- then it is time to euthanize him.
Reply:How did you rack your brain and come up with THIS as your best option?

Of course it will hurt! How will he eat? He'll still be mean to kids, won't he??

Train him or take him to a rescue.
Reply:I think that is cruel and inhumane to pull his teeth for biting.

He will no longer be able to eat properly, and may suffer other issues because of that.

Its always risky to put a dog under anasthesia. When pulling teeth, you do also run risks for infection. He will be in pain too. Why put him thru all that to pull HEALTHY teeth?

He will no longer have teeth to defend himself.. he may pick up other habits out of frustration. It may make him more aggressive.. even a toothless dog can do alot of damage to a young child.

Your best bet is training, and to avoid contact with children. You know that he doesnt like kids.. so avoid taking him to public places where there are kids.. when children visit the home, make sure he is secure.
Reply:What in the world are you all thinking?

After the first bite you should learn that the child and dog should not be in the same room together.

Obviously, the dog hates the child.

It is YOUR responsibility for this not to happen again.

Why were little children allowed the "pick on him" and then him allowed to be around children later.

If a child is bitten by a dog it should be reported to animal control and the dog quarantined.

This is a hideous post in the first place, shows no one is taking responsibility for dog or child.
Reply:i can't believe this is the option you came up w/. get the dog some training, keep kids away from it or find it a home w/o children @ all %26amp; a home w/ an owner willing to take the time to help the dog.
Reply:are you insame how would you feel to have all of your teeth pulled. i'm gonna guess your are serious becasue quite frankly i htink this question is ridiculous. just put the dog up while children are around or have a muzzle on him but to pull his teeth are inhumane and idiotic
Reply:Of corse it would if it hurts you it hurts an animal.

Unless they numb him.
Reply:you can't pull a dogs teeth. i can't believe a vet would even consider something that cruel.

re-home the dog in a home with no children.

I HAVE TO ASK: what was the CHILD doing when the dog bit?
Reply:OMG! I can't believe what I just read. How cruel. Keep him away from children or find him a home where there are NO children. Pulling his teeth for sureis NOT the answer. I would put him down before I would do that.
Reply:it will hurt for the poor dog when you take the teeth out and try to train the dog and one day it maybe be the best dog you EVER had!
Reply:To answer your intial question, yes, it would hurt and be very cruel. Second, have you considered placing him with a trusted friend without children? Or with a rescue group (which would not put the dog to sleep but place him in a good home)?

I want to voice my frusteration with people who keep animals who are dangerous to children because "they love the dog" sooo much. The dog is not guilty of any crime, but the child has been bit TWICE and you stated that the dog has bitten various people FIVE TIMES? That is ridiculous that it has taken so long to do anything. Too many children are put in danger because people just can't bear to part with their dog. What's more, this puts the dog in a situation that reinforces the bad behavior that many times, placed in another setting, can be resolved-making it far too common for dogs to be put to sleep because of this sort of thing.

You need to put the child's safety first. You also need to be a responsible pet owner and place the dog somewhere with somebody who knows dog behavior and can teach the dog "manners" in a positive setting... sadly I think the dog is not in the right family...
Reply:Please do not think about pulling the dogs teeth. (I don't think you will find a reputable vet to do this anyway) This would be very cruel.

This is fifth time he has bit a child, you should hire a behaviorist to work with him first, and keep him away from the kids until you feel safe. If he is trying to defend himself from being hurt you must protect him, AND little child from each other! That means not allowing dog and child to be together unless you are there to supervise. If your dog was hurt by little kids, he is afraid of getting hurt again. If you can't be there to supervise, put your dog someplace safe away from baby, in his crate or behind a gate in another room.
Reply:How old are you? If you are a child I will not consider this a stupid quesiton, if you are not a child, then that is about the dumbest idea I have ever heard of. Keep the dog away from the child; teach the child to leave the dog alone; You and your grandparents should be responsible for the well being of the chlld as well as the dog. Pulling his teeth is ridiculous. Step up to the plate and take some responsibility for this bad situation.
Reply:This is not a safe dog.He should be euthanized.I'm surprised your animal control has not taken this over.Shame on you for allowing this dog to bite a child or anybody.
Reply:You should train your dog not torture it! Start training your dog and get and animal behaviorist to start working with your dog and correct this problem, and in the mean time keep it away from kids!
Reply:Since you are obviously not responsible enough to keep the dog and kids apart he needs to be PTS. No reputable shelter or rescue would accept him, the liability is too great and if you gave him away you would still be responsible for his actions and get, rightly, sued when he bit. Are you going to wait until he mauls or kills some kid to be responsible? And then the parent can sue you and get your house which is no more than you deserve. Pulling his teeth will not prevent a bite or damage and a dog that is that nasty and has to be confined is one unhappy dog. Plus you are responsible for giving some poor kids a fear of dogs. Please put your sad dog to sleep before he makes the newspaper vilifing the dog for biting when it is, in reality, all YOUR fault. YOU know the dog bites and now have a chance to be a responsible human being and put the dog to sleep b4 a kid is permantly maimed or killed. It should not be the responsibilty of the shelter he will be brought to to be PTS for them to do it, do it yourself so he will die in your arms, not some stranger who does not care for him.
Reply:sere why not and thin you can chew his food for him and feed him like a baby bird if you cant control the dog then maybe you should take him to obedience school for dogs it would be a lot less pain full for him and wouldn't cost you as much.
Reply:When a dog has a biting problem most vets won't pull the dogs teeth. Vet's will only cut the canine teeth half way down. This way the dog can only have a small pinch not a "bit". Vet's will only do this procedure if the dog is drawing blood when it bits someone.
Reply:"this is his 5th time he's bite but the child he bite was only 2 years old. We don't want to have to put him down because we love him very much."

He's bitten 5 kids already?! It sounds like the dog has a serious temperament problem. Either get that dog to an owner who has no children, or have him put down. How do you know the next attack will not result in a fatality?

And as for the teeth pulling, how do you expect him to eat with no teeth?
Reply:Stick to horses and stay away from dogs if your resort is to pull the dog's teeth out. Pull your own friggin teeth out tell me if it hurts. How the hell is the poor thing supposed to eat? And you say you love him? Seriously
Reply:I swear I think this is one of the most ridiculous questions I have seen yet. One keep the kids away from the dog till you can get the proper training for the dog. Two if this doesn't work find a new home for him. He can't be all that loved if you would even consider doing such a thing. Three make an appointment at your local psychiatrist to get your head examined
Reply:I think it is an excellent idea. Either that or euthanasia. It will be solved either way.

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How Can I Brush My dogs Teeth?

My dog is 10 and I started brushing them when she was about 8, I brush them very infrequently, because she is so difficult and she angers me so much. But her mouth is gross, she has had the oral teeth cleaning surgery and I am trying to maintain it, but it's so hard and to top it off I suspect she eats crap so that really upsets me, I thought I broke her from that, maybe it's the old age, she has changed so much and not in good ways. When I brush her teeth she licks and chomps. and I have a hard time prying her mouth open, please help. If there are any vets reading this your imput would be a godsend.


How Can I Brush My dogs Teeth?
ohn, sounds like you both are not having fun with this.

other than what your vet has suggested after surgery....

you can do what is done for puppies. i learned that no matter the size of the toothbrush, or the meaty flavor of the dog toothpaste (or even if its carob) nothing worked better for me than a babies washcloth ( or even a white one from wal-mart) and the toothpaste from therabreath. i just massage the gums and run the rag on the dogs tongue. or try something from the wellbeing store. it is for older dogs. you can join that site.

in the event that your dog is eating fecal can purchase stuff from a petstore to give the dog so they won't be so attracted to poo.
Reply:just get her some greenies or milky dogbones. They are made for cleaning teeth and tartar on dogs.
Reply:Get a tooth brush with a very very long handle.
Reply:Have you tried those dog treats that cleans their teeth??
Reply:get your bothers or/and sisters tooth brush and go get your dog......have fun..........don't forget to put the tooth brush back where you found it
Reply:You seem very uptight about your dog. =P
Reply:Try giving her one of those dental chew toys they sell in pet stores. It helps their teeth, gums, and breath.
Reply:There are many stores where they sell dog treats that cleans the dogs teeth. But, I have 2 dogs and sometimes they're stubborn and dont want to eat the treats so what you can also buy is a chew toy or a bone that is specialized to help clean out the dogs teeth and that is much easier then having to feed him dog treats.
Reply:Give her tasty chewing gum to eat... It will clean the teeth automatically.

Else, mix the tooth paste with something that she loves to eat...

Then she will not mind keeping the mouth open for a while.
Reply:over the counter dental treats, unfortunetly, don't actually do much for the teeth. There is a product made by Merial(i think), call Oravet. It is a clear waxy substance that you apply to the gumline once weekly instead of daily brushing. It is a pretty new product, so a lot of veterinarians aren't carrying yet, so you might have to seach a bit for it, but it is REALLY worth it. Several of the Veterinary Dentists in the SoCal area have started recommending it....

here is a link to their website
Reply:Calm down! It will take awhile to train an 8 year old dog to allow you to brush it's teeth! Wrap a piece of gauze around your finger and moisten it, then dip it in a little dog toothpaste. Gently hold her muzzle shut and slide your fingers along her gumline, just rubbing the OUTSIDE of the teeth. Don't attempt to do the inside--that surface has very little tartar build up. Talk quietly to her and only work a few seconds at a time. Give her treats for being a good girl. Once she is calm and used to that, then try a small soft childs toothbrush, but I think gauze (like for bandages) works best. You just need something slightly rough and abrasive.

BTW, we use Oravet sealant and love it! :)
Reply:get her milkbones or some kind of cleaner that she can eat. itll handle the problem for her and she will enjoy eating it
Reply:There are toothpaste made for dogs that taste like meat and cheese, try those, also, remain calm when you are doing it. Personally, I don't understand the whole oral surgery thing for dogs, My dogs get plenty of bones to chew so their teeth are nice and pretty.


Why do my dog only have 2 teeth and he is 13 years old?

Probably because the teeth have rotted out due to not taking your dog to the vet to have them cleaned. Dogs need their teeth cleaned every couple of years. rotten teeth can cause infection in the mouth which can spread to the liver, kidneys and heart.

Why do my dog only have 2 teeth and he is 13 years old?
Maybe he was in a fight or he/her ate a bone and they came off. Can he still eat? If not bring him/her to the vet.
Reply:Its called TOOTH DECAY.
Reply:He lost most of them, he's getting old! It's like how some people lose their teeth as they age... it's normal
Reply:its probably cavities
Reply:He may have some gum disease. You need to have him checked by a vet as it could impair his ability to eat.
Reply:no that is not normal...well it depends on their health
Reply:This is not normal and I have had alot of dogs that have hunted down rats, bunnies, cats, exc also they chew on pig ears, ribs and bones. My dogs always had theyre teeth. The dog probably isn't being fed the proper food. I would suggest taking him/her to the vet if you have not already. The dog very well cant eat dry food so you will need to feed him/her wet dog food. Also 13 years old is old, I have had a dog that lived till 17 but never lost her teeth.

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Wat does a dog use to brush teeth?


Wat does a dog use to brush teeth?
nothing they are nasty
Reply:a soft bristled tooth brush and dog-safe toothpaste

brushing your dogs teeth is actually very important on the contrary. i took my puppy to the vet yesterday and was told that if i did so every day, it would add 2-3 years to my dogs life.

they have chews that supposedly clean your dogs teeth too but, especially if the dog is small, you need to try your hardest to take care or it (including its teeth) properly.
Reply:nothing they are a dog.
Reply:I go to PetsMArt to get the special chicken-flavored toothpaste and doggies tooth brush.

Don't use People tooth paste because it can get dogs very sick.

you can either give it a milk biscuit which that kind of biscuit helps dogs teeth ( that's what my grandparents do) or you can use a special kind of dog toothpaste and brush your dogs teeth with a toothbrush
Reply:A 'SPECIAL' toothbrush, (they must be special, because they sure cost more than a human one!)

We tried that, plus the doggie toothpaste that supposedly tasted like beef -- we ditched that in favor of doggie bones with natural peppermint oil in them. He loves them and his teeth and gums are healthy!
Reply:You can brush your dogs teeth, most vets will show you how to do this or you can pay someone to do this if you take your dog in for grooming. Bones or other hard things for them to chew also help dogs keep their teeth clean.
Reply:There is special toothpaste sold at Pet stores and my shih tzu has a soft bristled baby's toothbrush
Reply:Nothing, but if you want to brush your dogs teeth, you can use a soft-brissled toothbrush or a denta-stick chew from a pet store.
Reply:your dog can brush his own teeth? OMG WHAT???
Reply:Go to Wal-Mart and get a dog tooth brush and dog paste.
Reply:Your old sneakers.
Reply:you can buy dog treats that clean their teeth as they eat them
Reply:his tongue
Reply:YOu can use a toothbrush, but if you provide good quality biscuits after meals and chew toys (rawhides, etc) th eneed for brushing is reduced.
Reply:I use a soft toothbrush and paste purchased at my vet or a pet supply store. Large raw beef bones (shank or soup bones) work too. Do not use human toothpaste, very harmful to dogs.
Reply:Well, there are certain brands of dog food that clean the dogs teeth when they eat. Also if your dog has really bad breath, it can sometimes be associated with worms. Make sure you worm your pup. AND they make a tooth brush and toothpaste for dogs. The brush slips on your finger and you just rub it over the dogs teeth. That is all I can think of.
Reply:You can get biscuit chews made specially for brushing teeth.
Reply:i guess u can use toothpaste.
Reply:A tooth brush but you can't them human tooth paste you have to give them doggy tooth paste.
Reply:Mine dose not clean its teeth but when we play cards,and he

is my partner,we always lose as when he gets a good

hand he always smiles and shows his dirty teeth. lol
Reply:Go to a pet store and but special dog toothbrush with dog toothpaste (sometimes meat flavored!). Scrub your dog's teeth good and they'll be clean and shining. If he doesn't like the toothpaste, however, just use water.
Reply:Like everyone said there is dog brushing supplies at pet stores. Maybe next time you are at the vet have them show you the proper way to clean their teeth.

Only problem is trying to get your dog to sit still while you dig in their mouth! My dog won't have it..