Sunday, August 2, 2009

1 year old dog tooth fell out?

My dog is 1 year old and today when he was catching a ball i noticed that there's a little blood on the ball so i examined his teeth and his lower canine tooth was about to fall off.. what's happening to him? Is this normal?

1 year old dog tooth fell out?
Go to the vet to be sure, but I know my dogs, when they get crewing on things, a bit of blood will show up, but its nothing major.

How loose was the tooth? Also, my puppy who is now about 1.5 yrs lost his one of his major teeth, but not before turning grey a couple of months back. A new one grew right in, as it was a baby tooth, so that may be the case for your pup, just a tooth thats taking awhile to come out.
Reply:call your vet tomorrow morning. dont feed him or let him eat any bones until he sees a vet. losing a primary tooth at this age is not great. see if th tooth can be saved
Reply:take him to the vet right away!
Reply:it`s probably a baby tooth , i wouldn`t worry about it .. just call the vet to make sure
Reply:He's a little young to be having bad tooth decay, or any dental problems in general. At one year of age he should have lost all his baby teeth... so he may have snagged it on something while he was playing. It happens.

We had a cat that had one of his teeth hanging on by a thread.. we took him to the vet and they pulled it out with no problem and put him on some pain killers for the time being.

I'm sure the vet will get this situation taken care of with ease.. you have nothing to worry about after that.

Good luck

Hope that helps :D
Reply:That's not normal. He would have lost his baby teeth around 4-6 months old. The only exception is if his grown up teeth grew in behind his baby teeth, and now the baby tooth is coming out. Is the tooth that is loose really sharp like a puppy tooth?
Reply:yes this is very normal this is a sign of growth my dog is 1 year old and still has not lost all his baby teeth.

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