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What can i do for my dogs teeth?

my dog has bad teeth and shes going to the vet to get them fixed, after that happens, what can i do to keep them healthy and clean?

What can i do for my dogs teeth?
I have a dog exactly like you described. She will not let me near her with a toothbrush at all. So, what I do is take a damp wash cloth and wipe her teeth with that. It gets the buildup off her teeth and stimulates her gums.
Reply:You can start by brushing them
Reply:Buy some dog toothbrush and toothpaste from the vet, and brush it every day.
Reply:do what you do ever morning and at night....
Reply:Brush the dogs teeth at least once a week; preferably more often, (i.e. daily) if you know she has teeth problems. (Make sure you use a toothpaste made for dogs. Human toothpaste is a no-no for dogs.)

Give chews, such as bully sticks and raw bones, to help clean the teeth.
Reply:brushing on an everyday basis helps. there are special toothpastes made for dogs that with decrease the amount of cleanings they have to do.
Reply:You can actually brush her teeth a couple of times a week. They make special toothpaste for dogs. In addition, any kind of "dental chews" are helpful as they remove plaque and massage the gums.
Reply:Brush them every day.

It will take some time and patience but you will be able to make this a normal part of the day for both of you and your dog will have a healthy smile.

The article I linked below has some really good tips for getting started.
Reply:Regular cleaning at the vet is best, talk to them about how often.
Reply:don't try to stick a toothbrush in his mouth straight out if he doesn't like it, first put some cheese on your finger (or whatever else he likes that can stick to your finger) and put your finger in the side of your dog's mouth, and 'brush' let him get the feel of having something brushing his teeth. you can gradually move onto the toothbrush later on.

as for something else, rawhides keep dogs teeth clean and strong, pretty much deemed 'nature's toothbrush', and great, high-quality kibble is great for your dog's teeth too (like canidae or innova)

and you can get "denta-bones", which are basically chew toys with ridges on the sides, to help your dog's gums and teeth out too.
Reply:Well ask the vet for advice on getting the dog to adjust to gettin his teeth brushed. Also ask if he carries C.E.T HEXtra chews. They have chlorhexidine in them that helps a lot with keeping the teeth cleaner also. I give my dog one every day and along with the brushing her teeth are very white and clean
Reply:Some dogs need to get their teeth cleaned every year, if you brush and feed dental food there is not much left. I have heard of a new gel that is suppose to help this, ask your vet about it.
Reply:ask ur vet about a fairly new product leba III...

it is supposed to work Great on keeping the teeth clean.

it comes in spray or a gel u rub on the teeth and gums.
Reply:hows he/she go about eating raw bones? raw bones once a week replacing their meal can help keep there teeth healthy. i understand completly about your dog not liking its teeth being done one of mine cant stand it try using your finger instead of a dog tooth brush and buy some meaty flavoured tooth paste from the vet. take the oppertunity while its comfortable and just try start by just lifting its "lips" and then reward with praise or a treat whatever makes it fun then gradually start to move your finger along the teeth... dont push your dog too hard though small steps are the key. hope it helps
Reply:Brush teeth - even one; then say, '___, good girl!' and give her a [tooth cleaning ] treat.

Repeat daily, so you can brush longer each time.

They sell doggy toothpaste at the pet stores [ never use human toothpaste on animals ].

Pretty soon, she will start to like it!

[ We adopted one year old cats, and they had to be taught to hold still for teeth, brushing, etc., and both of them have had several baths - lots of fun! Now they love brushing and teeth - not baths, though! ]
Reply:I have a miniature dachshund who is prone to bad teeth and breath. She's 8 years old and I've taken her to the vet twice to get her teeth cleaned (it's costly). She used to not like chewing bones, but she absolutely loves beef tendon by Merrick. She likes the Doggie Wishbone and LOVES the Flossies. Good luck.
Reply:After a dental cleaning there are diets available from the vet only that really do help to reduce the amount of plaque and tartar that build up on the teeth. Brushing isn't always possible to do on every animal, some will just not tolerate it. The diets I am talking about are called Prescription diet t/d %26amp; medi-cal dental formula. I have seen these diets work wonders when it comes to keeping the teeth clean after a dental scale %26amp; polish.
Reply:You can try brushing her teeth at least once a week. Make sure to use a toothpaste approved for animals, not human toothpaste, and either a dog toothbrush or a baby toothbrush (adult brushes have harder bristles and they can be too hard on your dogs gums)

If brushing is not an option, there are different things that you could try.

1 - Give the dog some of the toothpaste every day or so - the toothpaste alone may help slow the buildup of plaque and tartar.

2 - Ask your vet about treats or food that you can feed your dog to aid in good dental hygiene. There are a variety of them available - a couple of good treats are Medi-Cal Medi-Treats, or C.E.T. Dental Chews. A couple of good diets are Medi-Cal Dental Diet or Hills Prescription T/D. Your vet may also have some other ideas to help you keep your dogs teeth and mouth clean and plaque %26amp; tartar free.

I would recommend avoiding the Greenies unless you are able to be with her when she's having them. They have been the cause of choking in some dogs because they break off a piece %26amp; swallow it, but it can be too big.

Best of luck with your dog! :)
Reply:raw turkey necks. The bones will help clean the teeth.

Green Tripe(not the tripe int eh super market). It helps kill bacteria that causes bad breath.
Reply:get her a bone its full of calcium and the scraping action keeps her teeth clean and gums healthy

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