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How do you brush a dogs teeth?

my 4 year old dog started acting like she had bad teeth. (dropping hard food, trying to eat ti again then drop it again and leave it alone.)So i got her a tooth brush and toothpast, she likes the toothpast but she don't like the toothbrush, so i can,t brush her teeth.

How do you brush a dogs teeth?
There is a special rubber bone thing you can get, you put the toothpaste inside it and it comes out all around through little holes and the dog chewing on the bone thing provides the scrubbing. A pet shop or vet will have them.

As well, once her teeth are better you should be giving her more stuff that she has to chew, eg a lot of bones. Be careful she doesn't get constipated as a lot of bones in the diet can cause this. You can easily prevent it by adding a can of sardines in oil to her diet every few days.

But in the meantime you really should get her checked out by the vet, because if her teeth are so bad she is finding it hard to eat, she will not chew on the rubber thing even if you get one.
Reply:my dogs do that, they go to their bowl grab a mouthful, back up and eat it some falls out and they eat it. As dogs get older their gums bubble and their teeth get sore, there are options to tooth brushes, Denta Bones, there are chew toys that help their teeth and gums, or you could take her to the vet and they do a deep clean for their mouth
Reply:How do you brush your own?!
Reply:use a clean cloth or your fingers as you would a toothbrush if the dog will let you otherwise by some dentalbone sorry they should invent doggy scope most dogs have terrible breath breath busters doesn't work that well
Reply:in Some special shops there are pets tooth brush and tooth paste that will help ur dog get teeth clean....u have to just rub it on the mouth and the teeth will be clean......!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:there's a specialized toothbrush for dogs. go ask your vet for one.
Reply:Some animal clinics do this
Reply:if i were in your shoes.... i would look on the internet for local experts on this matter.... and pay them to clean your dogs teeth.....
Reply:by a brush ! u dont 9 this ! uf
Reply:Don't use a toothbrush for the first time use your finger and try and rub real hard on the teeth to get the old tarter off the do it every week or so. The more you do it you will be keeping up with the tarter so you won't have to rub so hard to get it off. If you still have a hard time do to when they are sleeping and you are beside them or when you are playing with them.
Reply:Check the inside of her mouth to make sure bone fragment or something isn't lodged in there. Otherwise, get small toothbrush for dogs or children and brush as you would your own. If her teeth have plaque, vet may need to scale her teeth, then you can maintain by brushing at home and providing crunchy dog food , treats, etc. stop providing the soft, sticky stuff.

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