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Should you brush your dogs teeth?

i do brush my dogs teeth but i think it mekes his breth stink more. sould i get a dog tooth brush and tooth paste or is human stuff fine? thanks for all your help!!!

Should you brush your dogs teeth?
yes you should brush your dog's teeth. buy a good dog tooth brush and paste as they are designed to work efficiently on a dogs dental structure. plus the taste of the paste is something they will enjoy which makes it easier. dont be surprised if you dog doesnt like the idea of getting his teeth brushed. once a week should do. also get your dog a good chew toy, like a rawhide bone as that will help keep your dogs teeth clean and gums healthy. good oral hygiene habits for your dog is as important as good oral hygiene is in people. your dog will live a longer healthier life if you get into this habit. if your dogs breath stinks, try changing up the food. too much wet dog food does this more than dry dog food. but watch out cause changing your dogs normal diet too often can cause stomach upset just like in people
Reply:NO human toothpaste, buy doggie toothpaste. We know enough to spit out our toothpaste (which is not supposed to be edible), dogs do not know to spit after wards.

It is OK to use human toothbrushes. My Saint has a Nemo toothbrush and my Newfie has a Sponge bob toothbrush :)

I brush both my dogs teeth every single night. Brushing your dogs teeth does not make his breath smell more. That is like saying when you brush you teeth you still have stale breath. And let me tell you I SEE a difference when clients bring their dogs in for dentals!!! You can tell who brushes and who does not.

Peanut butter and beef flavored toothpaste are the favorites around my house!
Reply:Use special toothpaste for dogs, or just use a soft clean cloth and rub his teeth down good with it. That's what I did with my dog, and what the vet recommended. His teeth were beautiful. And dog's breath always smells..that's just one of those doggie things!
Reply:Ask any vet and they will say it's good to brush your dogs teeth. There are doggie toothbrushes and doggie toothpastes you can try that are available at any Petco or Petsmart. Good luck and keep brushin!
Reply:There are all sorts of tooth brushes out there for dogs. I personally do not brush my dogs teeth. I have them done when I take them to the dog salon. (Just lazy!)

I give them lots of dog treats that are crunchy and toys that they can chew on to help with the teeth cleaning. I also give them the best dry dog food on the market which keeps them very healthy! (Check out web site for their food below.)

I also limit their sweet treats! They both have a sweet tooth-like me!
Reply:A dog tooth brush is shaped differently then a humans tooth brush so you should use a dog toothbrush. You should also have dog toothpaste. It is formulated for dogs so they are more likely to allow you to brush their teeth.
Reply:No human stuff.... You will need a dog tooth brush and dog tooth paste humans is not good for them it contains floride in it ! You can get it from your local pet store
Reply:I have a yellow lab , she is real big yellow lab, I bought the whole package with all the trimmings first thing you put tooth paste on they start spitting and shying away from you and have a job on your hands. I never did get to her to stand still . so if you feed then dry dog food it cleans their teeth pretty good. My Vet, wanted me to bring her in they'd clean her teeth , give her antibiotic shot and by the time she went on and on about what all they would do to her, I got out of there real fast like. I wouldn't want her put one through that misery for a sparkler smile.
Reply:Get dog toothpaste (no human paste at all). You should brush the teeth daily. A brush is fine, but you can also use a piece of gauze or cotton pad, wet, and add paste -- use this to wipe you dogs teeth front/back.

Trick -- to get your dog use to you putting your fingers in its mouth, dip your fingers in some beef broth and rub along gums daily for a week or so. This will allow him/her to feel more comfortable.
Reply:i don't brush my dogs teeth

no don't use human toothpaste either use toothpaste for dogs.

dogs use bones out of meat to chew on and i heard it strengthens there teeth and cleans them
Reply:Well i think you should but don't ever EVER give him/her human tooth paste buy special toothpaste just for dogs or don't wast money just clean its mouth with a wet rag. You don't have to brush their teeth all it does is help get food out from their teeth and prevents them from being irritated.
Reply:if u do brush you dog teeth good luck they do not like it but i got to say my dog dose have better breath
Reply:if he asks you for a brush and toothpaste.. why deny him the pleasure?!?

note that in a natural environment, neither mannor dogs has to brush their teeth (nor cobras, lions, armadillos, ants, cheetahs or giraffes and elephants- if they have them that is)

teeth problems arise because of our diet full of refined sugars which prove to be a wealthy source of food for the organisms causing tooth problems.

so if you give your doggy a good diet you should not worry about bad breath when your doggy kisses you!

hope this helped (and sorry for my humor.. i'm just in that type of mood today lol! =))
Reply:Absolutely no Human Toothpaste.

There is nothing wrong with using a human toothbrush though. Brushing your dogs teeth everyday is needed, their breaths should not smell after a nice cleaning. I brush my dog's teeth before the last pee and poo for the day and off to bed.
Reply:listen, i had my dog for 2 years now his teeth are whiter then mine and i never brushed them once, and ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww dog breath! grows
Reply:I would do it using only doggie tooth paste though. One of the reasons our pets live longer then ever is good dental care. A couple of people here say it is not "natural" but neither is living in a house with people! In the wild, a dog's life would be much shorter without the shots and vet care we give them, and good dental health is important for not only the teeth, but because the bacteria from an infection can make a dog sick in other ways too, just like people!

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