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Will it hurt for a dog to have his teeth pulled out because he bite a child.?

this is his 5th time he's bite but the child he bite was only 2 years old. We don't want to have to put him down because we love him very much. My grandparents got him when he was 2 but little kids had picked on him before my granparents got him but my grandparents don't know all the details.

Will it hurt for a dog to have his teeth pulled out because he bite a child.?
I think you should teach the child not to bother the dog! The dog was only reacting the only way that it can.
Reply:Have you tried training him not to bite? Taking his teeth out just for biting is inhumane and cruel to the dog..
Reply:How would you feel, if you had all your teeth pulled? Of course it'd hurt!!!!

Why not learn to keep the dog away from children? You know he has an issue with them. It's the owner's responsibility! Don't torture the dog by pulling his teeth because he's still allowed around children.

Anyways, consider muzzling him when he's around children, but let the dog keep his teeth.
Reply:I don't think that is very humane. If you pull his teeth it's likey to make him more mean. Plus I don't know of any vets that will pull out all of a dogs teeth for that reason. More like keep him away from kids.
Reply:Try to check with local animal adoption agencies to see if someone else can adopt your dog. Ofcourse dogs need teeth to chew their good. It is inhuman and crazy to even think of pulling its teeth out.
Reply:This is great reading :)
Reply:This is the wrong approach. No ethical vet would do this. A dog can still crush the throat of a child without teeth. You need to have a visit with a veterinary behaviorist ASAP, not just a trainer.
Reply:The TEETH are NOT the issue here -- the BEHAVIOR is the issue. Contact a professional canine behaviorist about his biting problem NOW (though this should have been done the FIRST time he bit a child)!!!!

If you can't get this behavior problem under control -- or if you are unwilling to take the time and effort it will take to help this dog -- then it is time to euthanize him.
Reply:How did you rack your brain and come up with THIS as your best option?

Of course it will hurt! How will he eat? He'll still be mean to kids, won't he??

Train him or take him to a rescue.
Reply:I think that is cruel and inhumane to pull his teeth for biting.

He will no longer be able to eat properly, and may suffer other issues because of that.

Its always risky to put a dog under anasthesia. When pulling teeth, you do also run risks for infection. He will be in pain too. Why put him thru all that to pull HEALTHY teeth?

He will no longer have teeth to defend himself.. he may pick up other habits out of frustration. It may make him more aggressive.. even a toothless dog can do alot of damage to a young child.

Your best bet is training, and to avoid contact with children. You know that he doesnt like kids.. so avoid taking him to public places where there are kids.. when children visit the home, make sure he is secure.
Reply:What in the world are you all thinking?

After the first bite you should learn that the child and dog should not be in the same room together.

Obviously, the dog hates the child.

It is YOUR responsibility for this not to happen again.

Why were little children allowed the "pick on him" and then him allowed to be around children later.

If a child is bitten by a dog it should be reported to animal control and the dog quarantined.

This is a hideous post in the first place, shows no one is taking responsibility for dog or child.
Reply:i can't believe this is the option you came up w/. get the dog some training, keep kids away from it or find it a home w/o children @ all %26amp; a home w/ an owner willing to take the time to help the dog.
Reply:are you insame how would you feel to have all of your teeth pulled. i'm gonna guess your are serious becasue quite frankly i htink this question is ridiculous. just put the dog up while children are around or have a muzzle on him but to pull his teeth are inhumane and idiotic
Reply:Of corse it would if it hurts you it hurts an animal.

Unless they numb him.
Reply:you can't pull a dogs teeth. i can't believe a vet would even consider something that cruel.

re-home the dog in a home with no children.

I HAVE TO ASK: what was the CHILD doing when the dog bit?
Reply:OMG! I can't believe what I just read. How cruel. Keep him away from children or find him a home where there are NO children. Pulling his teeth for sureis NOT the answer. I would put him down before I would do that.
Reply:it will hurt for the poor dog when you take the teeth out and try to train the dog and one day it maybe be the best dog you EVER had!
Reply:To answer your intial question, yes, it would hurt and be very cruel. Second, have you considered placing him with a trusted friend without children? Or with a rescue group (which would not put the dog to sleep but place him in a good home)?

I want to voice my frusteration with people who keep animals who are dangerous to children because "they love the dog" sooo much. The dog is not guilty of any crime, but the child has been bit TWICE and you stated that the dog has bitten various people FIVE TIMES? That is ridiculous that it has taken so long to do anything. Too many children are put in danger because people just can't bear to part with their dog. What's more, this puts the dog in a situation that reinforces the bad behavior that many times, placed in another setting, can be resolved-making it far too common for dogs to be put to sleep because of this sort of thing.

You need to put the child's safety first. You also need to be a responsible pet owner and place the dog somewhere with somebody who knows dog behavior and can teach the dog "manners" in a positive setting... sadly I think the dog is not in the right family...
Reply:Please do not think about pulling the dogs teeth. (I don't think you will find a reputable vet to do this anyway) This would be very cruel.

This is fifth time he has bit a child, you should hire a behaviorist to work with him first, and keep him away from the kids until you feel safe. If he is trying to defend himself from being hurt you must protect him, AND little child from each other! That means not allowing dog and child to be together unless you are there to supervise. If your dog was hurt by little kids, he is afraid of getting hurt again. If you can't be there to supervise, put your dog someplace safe away from baby, in his crate or behind a gate in another room.
Reply:How old are you? If you are a child I will not consider this a stupid quesiton, if you are not a child, then that is about the dumbest idea I have ever heard of. Keep the dog away from the child; teach the child to leave the dog alone; You and your grandparents should be responsible for the well being of the chlld as well as the dog. Pulling his teeth is ridiculous. Step up to the plate and take some responsibility for this bad situation.
Reply:This is not a safe dog.He should be euthanized.I'm surprised your animal control has not taken this over.Shame on you for allowing this dog to bite a child or anybody.
Reply:You should train your dog not torture it! Start training your dog and get and animal behaviorist to start working with your dog and correct this problem, and in the mean time keep it away from kids!
Reply:Since you are obviously not responsible enough to keep the dog and kids apart he needs to be PTS. No reputable shelter or rescue would accept him, the liability is too great and if you gave him away you would still be responsible for his actions and get, rightly, sued when he bit. Are you going to wait until he mauls or kills some kid to be responsible? And then the parent can sue you and get your house which is no more than you deserve. Pulling his teeth will not prevent a bite or damage and a dog that is that nasty and has to be confined is one unhappy dog. Plus you are responsible for giving some poor kids a fear of dogs. Please put your sad dog to sleep before he makes the newspaper vilifing the dog for biting when it is, in reality, all YOUR fault. YOU know the dog bites and now have a chance to be a responsible human being and put the dog to sleep b4 a kid is permantly maimed or killed. It should not be the responsibilty of the shelter he will be brought to to be PTS for them to do it, do it yourself so he will die in your arms, not some stranger who does not care for him.
Reply:sere why not and thin you can chew his food for him and feed him like a baby bird if you cant control the dog then maybe you should take him to obedience school for dogs it would be a lot less pain full for him and wouldn't cost you as much.
Reply:When a dog has a biting problem most vets won't pull the dogs teeth. Vet's will only cut the canine teeth half way down. This way the dog can only have a small pinch not a "bit". Vet's will only do this procedure if the dog is drawing blood when it bits someone.
Reply:"this is his 5th time he's bite but the child he bite was only 2 years old. We don't want to have to put him down because we love him very much."

He's bitten 5 kids already?! It sounds like the dog has a serious temperament problem. Either get that dog to an owner who has no children, or have him put down. How do you know the next attack will not result in a fatality?

And as for the teeth pulling, how do you expect him to eat with no teeth?
Reply:Stick to horses and stay away from dogs if your resort is to pull the dog's teeth out. Pull your own friggin teeth out tell me if it hurts. How the hell is the poor thing supposed to eat? And you say you love him? Seriously
Reply:I swear I think this is one of the most ridiculous questions I have seen yet. One keep the kids away from the dog till you can get the proper training for the dog. Two if this doesn't work find a new home for him. He can't be all that loved if you would even consider doing such a thing. Three make an appointment at your local psychiatrist to get your head examined
Reply:I think it is an excellent idea. Either that or euthanasia. It will be solved either way.

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