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Brushing my dogs teeth!?

okay well she is a 2yr old female toy poodle. one time i brushed it with human toothpaste but i found out it was bad. luckily she didn't swallow it. everybody told me if she chews on bones or hard food you don't need to brush her teeth.

but then i find out you do! so now that she's 2 yrs old what do i do? i have dog toothpaste but she will not let me go near her teeth. she runs away! it's "beef" flavored!! please help!

Brushing my dogs teeth!?
If you feed dry food, yes she does have to brush. But if she eats bones she does not have to brush. Do you see wolves brushing? No, because they eat a diet of raw meat, tripe (partially digested veggies and herbs and fruits found in their preys' stomachs), and bones. Switch to a raw meat diet and feed bones. She'll both enjoy it and you won't have to brush her teeth!

However, if you feel you must brush her teeth, brush her teeth only when she is very tired. She won't be able to fight you. Coo while you brush so she thinks she's getting rewarded for letting you brush her teeth.
Reply:I too have a female toy poodle and she does the same thing. Try to get someone to help you, one will hold her and you brush her teeth, no bog likes to brush their teeth.
Reply:well you should have gotten your dog used to you brushing his teeth. the best way to get back on track with your dog is to make her sit still and allow it. tire her out real good first, take her for a long walk and then play. make her real tired. then lay her down when she is calm, and love on her..only show affection when she in a calm state. then when she is like that. put her leash on, have someone else to help hold. and give her lots of love before you start brushing and during. make it a good experience. she'll get used to it eventually. and you should brush teeth every day. i do my dog, and he just lays there.

you should always brush their teeth. whether they chew or not. chewing doesnt get in the cracks good. and as far as wolves not brushing...well they arent domesticated so have developed more heartier teeth. domesticated dogs need to be taken care of..teeth brushed, vet cleaned at least once a year, bathed, claw clipped and groomed.
Reply:Although bones and the type of food you feed your dog will help it's still important to brush her teeth and have the vet preform a dental cleaning regularly. Poodles are one of several breeds that are prone to bad teeth. Starting with good oral care as soon as possible can help prevent gum disease and tooth loss.

With that being said try beginning with one of the baby teeth scrubbers, it's a rubber piece that fits over the tip of your finger and is gentler than an actual toothbrush. It may take some time for her to get used to the idea of having her teeth brushed but be diligent and do it every day. At first you may need a helper to hold her while you use both hands to brush her teeth, and you may only get a small area brushed but that's OK. If you stay persistent and do this every day she will eventually get better about letting you. You can buy the best canine tooth paste at the vets office so you may want to look into that. Also there is a product called oravet that is a clear paste and when applied to the teeth it provides protective barrier. Once a year it is recommended that your dog have a professional cleaning(Just as people do.) that will remove tarter that we can't with a toothbrush.
Reply:One thing you can do is get the dog bones that look like a toothbrush and let you dog eat them and that is just about as good as brushing the teeth and not all the hassel. My mom and i both use them on our dogs and it even takes care of bad breath in dogs tooo!!!!!!!
Reply:i have 2 staffies,considerably bigger dogs than yours.

i sit in a chair with with the dogs between my knees,back facing me and lock my legs around funny i'm sure but it works.

your baby is small enough to sit on your lap and simply hold in place.

if you are gentle and let her taste the paste(good for you on the doggy toothpaste)she may decide its not so bad afterall.

are you feeding wet or dry food?

wet food will build tartar where dry will not.

hope this helps you. good luck
Reply:my dog is sort of like that she hates people looking in her mouth. so I brush her teeth 2 times every month but other days I hive her Greenies they are really good teeth cleaning bones. Plus I give her Natural Choice teeth cleaning big bites.

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