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Do you brush your dogs teeth ?

I'm curious to see how many people actually do this. If so did you start because it was vet recommended ? If you don't what are you doing to maintain dental health ? Some members of my family think its crazy. Myself I do brush my dogs teeth 2 times a week, with seven dogs thats a lot of brushing. I started a few years ago when I fostered a Papillon for a local rescue. He had severe gingvitis , %26amp; plenty of root showing on his teeth. The dog was only 3 %26amp; the vet pulled 8 of his teeth.

Do you brush your dogs teeth ?
Yep, I brush my dog's teeth. Proper dental care is important for all breeds. My breed (papillon), as with other toy breeds, is especially prone to bad teeth.

I also give chews like raw bones and bully sticks to help a little with the teeth too.
Reply:No if you buy good quality dog toys that usally keeps it at bay.
Reply:Only sometimes..

If they get realy manky..!
Reply:i do it sometimes. i just htink its hilarious though. i have chicken toothpaste and my dog loves it. its sooo funny. i havent done this in ages!! ahaha. i dont know if it does anything though. maybe..
Reply:Yes, I brush my dogs teeth. :] Even with doggy toothpaste.

I also give them greenies.
Reply:No certain food that you buy has stuff in it to keep their teeth healthy i was told
Reply:I do, but not as often as I should right now. When I was doing it weekly, my dogs had excellent teeth. Their teeth still look better than most other dogs-but they could use some cleaning. I know my mom took our family dog to get her teeth cleaned at the vet yearly-but had to stop when the dog got into her senior years (b/c putting them under can be risky).
Reply:Feeding them tiny rawhide bones, especially ones coated with plauque-fighting agents, once every other day will help a LOT. But I also brush my dog once a week because that's not enough... they will hate this if they're not used to it--try dog toothpaste (it tastes like chicken or beef and doesn't foam).

Don't feed them wet food only. At least mix it with a good quality dry kibble.
Reply:I had never done so before but my dog had really bad breath and everyone would complain about it when he would get near them so I started to. Also my vet recommended once in a while but not an every day thing.
Reply:YEA 3 time a month trust me... i no alot about animals
Reply:no my dog is 19 with 1 tooth so not much
Reply:I dont brush my dogs teeth, I dont think he would let me.

But maybe I should try

I dont want his teeth pulled out!
Reply:no, i just give my dog a bone...
Reply:As a vet tech who has worked for a board certified veterinary dentist- you need to brush your pets teeth at least 3x weekly to be worth it. If you do this- your dental cleaning bill- esp. with bad teeth needing to be extracted will be a lot less. Also dogs with severe dental disease are more prone to organ failure- the body redeposits the bacteria in the mouth into the bloodstream-and it ends up in the heart, liver, and kidneys. I also use and rcmd Hill's T/D diet- tartar control- esp for small dogs.
Reply:no But I need to start. But they hate it.

I do buy rawhides and greenies and biscuits thpugh.
Reply:Could try Pedigree Dentastick....cleans as they chew it.
Reply:I brush my dogs teeth as often and she gets stinky breath , cause I know i don't like when my breath gets like that so I'm sure she doesn't either .
Reply:Yes,I do brush my dogs teeth.I use a finger brush and a variety of doggy toothpaste.

They aren't exactly crazy about it but they are accommodating as just one more thing their quirky human does. lol

I also give them dry doggy bones and the occasional raw beef bone.

Sparkly white healthy teeth for both of them.
Reply:yes i brush my dogs teeth, partly cuz vet recommened but partly cuz it needs to be done, if you went 10 yrs w/o brushing your teeth just think, not only the tartar build up but bacteria that if it gets bad enough can effect organs of the body. Just so everyone knows if you dont brush their teeth, you should and food has nothing to do with tartar build up, you could have them on the best food possible and if you don't brush their they will have tartar build up, bacteria and eventually loose teeth or can become very sick due to the bacteria in the system.
Reply:almost every night
Reply:My dogs never tolerated it. I used to take my first dog to get her teeth cleaned at the vet. Now I give my dog lots of chew toys, dog biscuits, and bones. As long as they have plenty to chew on, their teeth should stay healthy. Minimize canned food, if you must use it put just a spoonful in each bowl of dry food. Don't feed processed human food or sweets. Stick to good healthy dry food and treats and your dog will keep it's teeth for life.
Reply:We brush them about once a week....maybe change to twice, but can you tell me if it is working for you, and what kind of results you have gotten?
Reply:I do, as well as giving her toys that she an chew on, bones and dental chews. I never knew we should do it though before I got this pup. I read up a lot before we got her and saw that it was recommended. She thinks it's a game, so it isn't so bad.
Reply:No, and I am a Vet Tech! lol My dogs all get their teeth cleaned twice a year and I use Ora Vet which helps slow the tarter build up.
Reply:no there mouth is clean every time.
Reply:i do...

but he doesnt like it much...i think i have to start using something more tasty...for him
Reply:No, I feed my dogs a raw diet...the bones take care of keeping the teeth clean... I've even had judges at shows compliment an 11 year- old b*tch I was showing for how white her teeth were.
Reply:I buy dentastix. They are chews that help keep their teeth clean. And I also will brush them with a baby toothbrush if they are dirty.
Reply:Yes, I brush mine once a week. During the week, they also get some dental chews or bully sticks.


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