Sunday, August 2, 2009

How can I best care for my dogs teeth?

My 5 y.o. lhasa had his first ever teeth cleaning this week at the vet and his teeth look great! They got all of the plaque off and they said that his teeth are very healthy.

How can I best keep his teeth healthy now that the plaque is removed? I'm open to brushing his teeth but don't know what is the best toothpaste to use and also if there is a toothbrush that works for small dog breeds. I do not, nor will I, give him greenies or animal bones.

Lastly, has anyone heard of a product called "Plaque Off"? Here is the website.

I saw an ad for this in a magazine and am curious if it works. Thanks!

How can I best care for my dogs teeth?
There's special toothpaste just for dogs. Or there's alot of things you can add to the water, but I think the safest bet is to brush with a soft bristle tooth brush and paste made specifically for dogs.(I dont see how lapping up water with a plaque off product or anything else will benefit the teeth good enough if at all. Even the powder on their food, won't scrub their teeth, just minimally deposite on them).

I brush my dogs every night!! It just takes a minute, mostly I let them chew on the bristles. Every once in a while I give them a better brushing.
Reply:feed only dry kibble ( high quality)

and go buy a tooth scaler,, you can simply get the tartar off yourself,,, once a week when needed,,, make it part of your weekly nail trimming routine
Reply:they have these dog toys with little rubbers knobs on them, and what they do is, while the dog is chewing the toy, the knowbs are scrubbing their teeth, removing the plaque!
Reply:HAve to ask, why no greenies? That is really the best way! Cleaning your dogs teeth with a tooth brush and dog tooth paste daily is setting your self up for brushing the teeth frm once a week, to three times a week, to daily, to several times daily. Dogs need there own saliva for cleaning purposes. Brushing your dogs teeth is removing the naural saliva. Having your dogs teeth cleaned, they do not use tooth paste. If you use some thing natural, like greenies, or bones, then they will get clean teeth, naturally whitened as well, and sense of independance. Would you want some one reaching in your mouth to brush your teeth?
Reply:Any general dog toothpaste will do, just make sure it's in a beef-like flavor because dogs don't like the taste of mint. You can use a toothbrush or a washcloth.

Rawhide bones also scrape off bits of kibble that get stuck in their teeth- But is this what you mean by animal bone?

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