Sunday, August 2, 2009

Brushing your dogs teeth?

i have recently found out about this concept. how necessary is it? my dog is five years old however and i cannot imagine getting him to sit there while i shove a toothbrush in his mouth. he is adverse to me touching his muzzle at all. is there any way to keep his teeth clean without brushing? he also eats at least half his meals of real food :meat rice veggies yogurt garlic and nutritional yeast. will this make any difference? thanks in advance.

Brushing your dogs teeth?
I brush my dogs teeth (though not everyday like the vet told me I should). To make brushing the teeth more enjoyable for the dog, you should be able to get special dog flavoured toothpastes (I have poultry flavoured). I don't think it really works, because my dog just trys to eat his toothbrush, because it tastes of poultry, so not a lot of teeth cleaning happens. You could also try getting special chew bars or toys that are good for the dog and clean the teeth. I also feed my dog a half biscuit / half real food (meat, rice and veges etc) diet and I don't know if it makes any difference to his teeth but they seem to look clean and healthy. I don't think it is really that important to clean your dogs teeth, but I am not a vet.
Reply:Yes it will make a difference. The other alternative is to give him plenty of kibble and hard bones (they come in flavors bacon, chicken and carrot) throw them away when he starts getting pieces off of them so as not to let him eat them and get sick. There are also rope toys that say (on the label) they are good for the dog's teeth. You can also get your vet to clean his teeth under sedation once a year.
Reply:I give my dogs a treat of pigs ears once a day. It sure helps and they really enjoy them. I buy them at pet stores or Wal-mart.
Reply:I brush my dogs teeth everytime he gets a bath. Just buy a tooth brush and the dog tooth paste at your local pet store. Have fun, my thinks its fun to bite me and eat the tooth brush.

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