Friday, July 31, 2009

About how much would it cost for my dog to have her teeth removed?

She's a chihuahua/pug and she needs all of her teeth removed. Does anyone have an idea on how much it might cost?

About how much would it cost for my dog to have her teeth removed?
You should call your vet and get a quote on approximately how much it will cost to pull the teeth- it is different at every vets office. They really don't mind you calling and asking ahead of time. They may give you a break on it because so many are being pulled. At our clinic, the doctor just sets s fee of so much if he pulling more than 10 teeth, so yours may do that also. It is always best to ask ahead of time, because then you know how much it is for anesthesia, pre-surgery bloodwork, pulling of the teeth, antibiotics, pain meds, and such. You will not be bugging the clinic by callling and asking, they get these kind of questions everyday and are more than willing to help.
Reply:Isn't it about $85 per tooth? Around that, I think. The bill will probably be around $800-$1000.
Reply:My dog is a 15 y.o. chihuahua and needs the work done too, but he is much to old. We knew someone who did the surgery on their dog and it cost 1,000
Reply:it probaly will cast 1,000 dollars or so its expensive
Reply:You will have to call around to get definate figures. Vets done mind answering questions like that, you should just call afew and find out. It may differ from town to town or state to state.
Reply:Hi My pug had two teeth removed and the rest cleaned. It cost around $120


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