Saturday, July 25, 2009

Putting mmy dog under anesthesia to get his teeth clean.?

Hello tomorrow my dog is going to get his teeth cleaned at the vet and I'm a little worrisome as he is going to go under anesthesia. When we got him two years ago, we were told that he had a slight heart mur mur but when the vet did pre-anesthesia bloodwork on him two weeks ago, his test results came back with no problems. Even with this, I still feel uncomfortable and I just hope he is going to be ok. Your thoughts/experiences/reassurance would help... thanks! I'm a worried mother of course...

Putting mmy dog under anesthesia to get his teeth clean.?
It usually isn't a problem. Especially if his pre-anesthesia bloodwork came up with no problems. My chihuahua has a heart murmur and has had the same procedure done several times and has been fine. I wouldn't worry too much.
Reply:My German Shepherd also has a heart mummer (she is 10 years old), and two years ago she had to have a root canel. They put her under and she came out of it just fine. She reminded me of a drunken sailor when she was allowed to leave, but she slept most of the time, and the next day she was back to her old self. Don't worry, he should be fine (and with nice bright healthy teeth to boot!)
Reply:its normal to be worried jesus id be worried 2 if it was my fluffy but hopefully everything will be ok
Reply:My little dog was out for several hours after that. Then she didn't want water or food. I thought she was going to die. I have never done that to another dog I've owned. My brother's dog almost died. I would cancel if i were you.
Reply:personally, that is unsafe with humans too so i would not do it. I mean god forbid something does happen, you would have lost him for the simple fact of wanting to get his teeth cleaned, no way -don't take the risk for something so simple!
Reply:Stay calm, your dog will be fine. I've had very senior dogs put under for teeth cleaning and they were fine. It's all part of dog ownership to be a nervous wreck, what else do we have to worry about? Good luck.
Reply:I agree with most of the above advice, but there is no mention of preventing this next time the dogs teeth need cleaning!

If you handle your dog and run your fingers along their teeth, tongue, and gums on a regular basis, you will make your vets job much easier! Or better yet, brush your own dogs teeth then! Save a lot and you and your dog will be happier!


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