Friday, July 31, 2009

When did your dog last have its teeth checked by a vet?

September is Petsmile month. It's organised to highlight the importance of dental hygiene in pets.

Participating veterinary surgeries will be giving free dental examinations, as well as various freebies.

Worth going along if only for the peace of mind you'll get from knowing your pet has healthy teeth.

When did your dog last have its teeth checked by a vet?
Today!! ( I am a vet though...)

We run Pet Smile Month at our clinic, its a great way of improving the dental health of the nations pets. I regularly see animals with very poor teeth and people think its just because they are an animal and its normal. Dental hygiene is important for pets too!! Gingivitis and other periodontal disease can be very painful, although not always obvious and is a real welfare issue in older animals. It can also have effects on other organs in the body.

The only way to keep your pets teeth clean is by brushing them! Special diets and chews may help but the only clinically proven method is brushing, thats why we do it! (I believe one prescription diet has also been proven to help but should be used in conjunction with brushing.)

Not every animal will tolerate brushing but if you have a pup or a kitten and get it started early you will make a huge difference to its life.

Not every animal will suffer with dental problems, but many will. Prevention is much better (and cheaper!) than cure.
Reply:Thanks for the info x
Reply:Terrier you forgot to explain your in the UK!

It a very good thing to do too.

My dogs have regular check ups and I brush and scale their teeth.

Hey Kats! You forgot the evil hampster!
Reply:Let's see, Poochie and Sammie were last at the bet in May and had their teech checked. (They were fine.) Honey Bear and Hearshy were there in June and their teech were fine. Then in July I had Dori in, and all the cats (Cleo, Starlight, and Gabbie) and all of their teeth were great! The vet was very impressed with Cleo, who is almost 8 years old, because her teeth were so nice!

I am glad you asked. I don't think many people think of their pet's dental health.
Reply:thanks 4 that my vets do it ;^)) x
Reply:About 2 months ago scale and polish,£113.00.That's just one dog.
Reply:Thanks for the info but when I took my 11 year old terrier to the vet for her jags the vet looked at her mouth and said she had great teeth and all I do is feed her dry dog food and 1 Bonio a day. Down with tinned dog food I say!
Reply:my dogs teeth are check quarterly, when they have their quarterly vist and they check out in good condition,

cool that nice to know i will have to look into that more
Reply:every three months and they get their teeth brushed every other day, they love it!!!
Reply:Take my German Pointer for a check up every six months. He gets his weight and teeth checked each time!
Reply:Both my dogs have there teeth checked when there vaccinations come up for renewal its part of the health check that the vet does
Reply:This is great information!

Thank you so much! this will help a lot of dogs that really need it, and for preventative care also!

thank you,

your information is greatly appreciated!
Reply:i dunno why dont i go to the vet
Reply:I am answering this question for any one in the USA that may be reading your question. At least here in Minnesota, February is canine dental health month. My vet, and hopefully others also, offer a discount on canine teeth cleaning. I always take my 2 dogs in for a teeth cleaning in February.

Thanks for your post!


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