Friday, July 31, 2009

Why is my dog losing so many teeth???!!!?

in the past month my 4 month old female westie has lost like about 4 or 5 teeth! is this ok? is it bad? im very worried and not sure what to do. helppp!

Why is my dog losing so many teeth???!!!?
She's losing her baby teeth, perfectly normal at her age! Just like humans (children), she's going to lose her teeth and a new set will come in. Her new set should normally be all in by around 8 months of age (give or take).

So she's teething right now, her gums are pretty sore, and you might notice that she's wanting to chew on a lot of your things. My pup just went through this (still is)... some things you can do to help:

-Make sure she has lots of interesting chew toys, so she isn't tempted to go for your shoes

-Take an old dish cloth, soak it in water, then freeze it for a few hours... the cold will help to numb her painful gums

-Put her treats in the freezer... my pup loves green bell peppers, so I cut them in small strips then froze them in a ziploc.

Anything that you can "chill" for her to chew on will help!
Reply:They all loose puppy teeth to make room for adult teeth.
Reply:Just like humans they will loose their baby teeth and they will be replaced with the permant teeth.

This is nothing to worry about and it is normal
Reply:She is losing her baby teeth. It is normal.
Reply:Puppies teeth just like people. The adult teeth grow in and 'push' the milk teeth out. If you get concerned because new teeth aren't coming in take her to the vet.
Reply:They're her baby teeth. Puppies loose teeth just like young kids. She'll get adult teeth soon. You might want to think about getting her used to having her teeth brushed now. It'll save you lots of vet bills in her later years. Use doggie toothpaste as human toothpaste is not good for her stomach. You can get a finger toothbrush or just use baking soda and some cheese cloth wrapped around your finger.
Reply:baby teeth. trust me no worries!
Reply:She is teething - i.e. loosing her 'baby' teeth and making way for her adult teeth. There isn't much to 'do' except maybe give her stuff to chew on. I always give my pups cold crisp veggies like carrots or celery to chew on as the cold helps with any pain or bleeding and it gives them something to chew on while teething. Didn't you discuss this with the knowledgeable, responsible breeder you got her from when you responsibly procured her?
Reply:She's loosing her baby teeth, are you sure you're able to own a dog? Don't you know all animals teeth??

Reply:Your puppy is teething! Like human babies, puppies lose their baby teeth so that their adult teeth can grow in. There's nothing wrong with this; in fact, it's very good. She'll be teething for several months - sometimes she'll look like she's lost a lot of teeth and other times she'll look like she hasn't lost any - the teeth grow in at different times, just as they do for human children.

But this teething is what causes her to chew on everything she can get her little mouth on. You can help her not chew on things she shouldn't have by taking a washcloth, wetting it, wringing it out, and leaving it rolled up like it was when you were wringing it out, and then freeze it. She'll love chewing on that, but you have to watch her so she doesn't tear the washcloth apart and try to eat it! You can also try giving her little chips of ice. Some puppies will chew on ice and some won't, but you can crush a couple of ice cubes to give her and see if she's one of the dogs that will eat them.

You don't have to worry about it, though, because it's very natural. Her adult teeth will grow in, and she'll have a full mouthful of teeth just like she should. But she'll be teething for quite awhile.
Reply:Well, if its a puppy it obviously has to loose all its baby teeth just like how us humans loose our teeth when we are young . every one who has a puppy has probably most deffinetly found there dogs teeth :]
Reply:don't worry shes a puppy losing her baby teeth LOL I remember when my dog was losing his baby teeth he had a gap between hi to lower canines it sooo cute!


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