Saturday, July 25, 2009

My 5 month old dog just broke one of her teeth off. Do dogs have baby teeth, and hers will grow back?

She isn't bleeding since the tooth broke off, but I just want to make sure it will grow back for her!

My 5 month old dog just broke one of her teeth off. Do dogs have baby teeth, and hers will grow back?
Did a part of the tooth break off, or is the whole tooth missing? Yes puppies will loose teeth and they'll be replaced by adult teeth.
Reply:Call Your Vet.
Reply:Ya of course.
Reply:yes they have two sets just like humans, should grow back fine
Reply:it should grow back animals like thats can bust out as many teeth as tthey want they will still grow back
Reply:Um.Yeah just like Haman's teeth do.After 2 years of age,no.Don't be afraid to open the dog's mouth dog's saliva is bacteria free.
Reply:dogs do have "baby teeth". If shes not in any pain just let her go until here next vet appointment and have him look at her then
Reply:Dont worry, they are just like humans. She will lose her baby teeth and then her adult teeth will come in!
Reply:i think they do
Reply:See the 1st answer. I was going to say the same.
Reply:the dog is still a pup yes her tooth will grow back just like humans when we are a baby
Reply:Puppies and kittens are no different than baby humans in the respect that they all have baby teeth. Providing these animals a lot of hard chewy toys can ease their need to chew on something and I guess you could say they are teething. Don't be alarmed if you see your puppy eat her own teeth. Puppies are more prone to do this than kittens as a rule. The reasoning is unclear.

If you are unsure if the tooth she broke off is a adult tooth or a baby tooth, take her to see the vet. He or she will examine her mouth and know for sure what kind of tooth it is.

Good luck to you and your dog! Dogs can become a humans best friend and loyal companion for many years to come.
Reply:yes thy have baby teeth and it will grow back not unliss it has already come out.
Reply:Same thing happened to my pup........The vet told us that he would start loosing his "baby" teeth........and thank god he did......damn those things are sharp. I was playing with him one night when he lost one........that was the only one I ever saw.
Reply:Puppies usually swallow most of their baby teeth. That is why you don't normally see them.
Reply:they lose their teeth just like a kid does..they will grow back..

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