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My dog's set of teeth YIKES! : HELP!?

Female pomeranian 4mths. ONLY two of her teeth has fallin out, and when I checked for her new teeth to grow in, I encoutered a problem or what looks like a problem

link :

DARK markings : already grown

LIGHT : almmost grown, or growing into

Take a look at the top set please. It looks like two new tooth is forming RIGHT under the already formed front teeth is there something wrong? Is this normal? Once the tooth front grown in teeth fall out will they MOVE? or will they stay back like that?

My dog's set of teeth YIKES! : HELP!?
Dog's adult teeth usually start coming in around 4 months old.

Many times with small dogs the adult teeth will come in and the baby teeth won't fall out.

When deciduous (baby) teeth don’t fall out to make way for the permanent teeth, they are called retained deciduous teeth. Retained deciduous teeth should be extracted surgically soon after they are discovered because they will cause dental problems (overcrowding in the mouth, plaque buildup, malocclusion, etc.).

When both deciduous and permanent teeth are trying to occupy the same position, this double row of teeth overcrowds the mouth, and food gets trapped between the teeth. This trapped food causes periodontal disease. In addition, the double set of roots can prevent normal development of the tooth’s socket and eventually erode gum support around the adult tooth.

The best time to get this done is at the same time you get your dog spayed at around 6 months old, many of her adult teeth should have come in by then. She will be under anesthesia anyways and it will not hurt or bother her.
Reply:call and ask your vet. usually they will tell you if it is normal. or the may have to take a look.....
Reply:I agree, take the pup to your vet, they are the experts, not us.
Reply:It's common to see alot of teeth problems in Poms because they are so small the teeth just don't have the normal amount of room. Many have early tooth loss and retained puppy teeth only a vet can fix this problem
Reply:My Border Collie mix didn't loose his baby canines. I had them pulled when he was neutered. Take her to your vet and find out for sure.
Reply:Why haven't you taken you dog to THE VET?!

Stop whining to unqualified strangers on the internet. Their advice is not only worthless but could be harmful. TO A VET! And preferably one that is board-certified in dentistry.

Stop wasting time on the computer.


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