Friday, July 31, 2009

Dog tooth tarter and Petzlife..?

Anybody ever use the oral care gel from Petzlife? Supposedly it gets rid of tartar and such, but I've used it for about 2 weeks daily with NO affects whatsoever.. in fact, seems to be getting a bit worse! I brush her teeth a few times a week, although I have only done it once since using the Petzlife. Also, are there any ways to have someone clean a dog's teeth without anesthesia? I live in the LA area.. My dog is ok with sticking stuff in her mouth.. someone needs to hold her head, but she doesn't bite or anything. I've scraped her teeth myself, and had someone else do it also, and she was ok with it. Anyway, anyone know another product that will help get rid of dog tartar? Or a good regimen for tartar removal? Or ANY help at all??!! Lol, thanks in advance. Oh, and no, she doesn't eat dry food, and will not. She eats homemade food, and chews on some cow hooves a couple times a week. That's it in the chewing dept. I also sometimes wipe her teeth after a meal w/a wet towel.

Dog tooth tarter and Petzlife..?
We use Maxigard Gel at our practice. Never heard of Petzlife. Maxigard kills bacteria and softens plaque. It can take months to soften tartar. You can scrape the teeth which will help, but nothing takes the place of a good dental cleaning under anesthesia. The scaler vibrates at very high speeds and squirts water to keep it cool. You have to get under the gum line to do an effective cleaning--both inside and outside of the tooth. No animal is going to sit there awake and let you do that. The teeth also must be polished after cleaning. We also apply a veterinary sealant, called Oravet, which can be followed up with at home. Afterwards, we educate on brushing, using the gels, apply sealans, dental diets and chews, and anything else we can do to prevent further dental disease. If your dog is properly examined, has labwork done, and your vet uses modern and safe anesthetics and monitoring equipment, IV fluids, etc....then your pet should do fine. We do lots of dentals on really old dogs all the time without any trouble.
Reply:you should take it to the vet and see what they recommend for ur dog and they will be a lot of hel[.

Then you won't need to keep giving supplements or take to the vet for dental cleanings.

Good luck.

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