Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Any ideas how to keep an older dog's teeth healthy?

I know that my vet offers a dental cleaning but it's really expensive, so if you don't want to do that then you get do things such as brushing your dogs teeth with a special made dog toothbrush and toothpaste. You just simply brush gentle over your dog's teeth and the toothpaste will do the work (it's dissolves and it taste like a good dog flavor).

Another way to is to give your dog dental bones. They can be bought at any pet store. They have a wide range of dental bones, the best one to purchase are Greenies. You buy them based on your dog's size and give them to your dog once a day. On top of that they have dental bones that are tasty that helps your dog's breath and teeth.

I've been giving my puppy Greenies %26amp; dental bones, not brushing her teeth just yet; however, he breat has been good and she has white teeth so far thats staying white. Good Luck.

Any ideas how to keep an older dog's teeth healthy?
Brush their teeth frequently and avoid giving food that may get stuck easily/cause decay. Give something that sort of strengthens their teeth.. that's what my cousin did... O and she also made them chew hard stuff like bones to further strengthen their teeth. So far it had been great, but I'm not sure whether it applies to everyone....
Reply:There are special toothbrushes and chicken or peanut butter flavored toothpastes sold at pet stores. Sit on the floor each day, gently open your dog's mouth and brush. Ours lost several teeth before we started; now they are used to it. Some of the hard crunchy bones, like Dentabones, help, and do not give your dog any sugar, bread or other refined flour that turns to sugars in his mouth. But brushing, given what we feed them (kibble, canned food, meat scraps) is the best way. And the last couple of extractions cost us almost $1100 in dental vet bills. You should be very motivated to brush your pet's teeth!
Reply:A couple suggestions : toothbrush or finger and toothpaste just for dogs, hard bones ,rawhide or nylon, also a visit to vet for a cleaning. It really depends on your dog for what source is best. It can be a hard decision for an older dog. I am sure what ever you decide will help.............good luck
Reply:Go to the pet store and buy a tooth brush and some tooth paste and brush ur dog's teeth every day,Then get u some raw hide for the dog to chew on that helps to,Good Luck
Reply:Nothing can be done except for some calcium tablets or gels
Reply:brush his teeth and take him to the vet for a teeth cleaning
Reply:do you know those green rubber like bones made for dogs teeth's hygiene? those work really well. the dog just chews on it and it somehow cleans his teeth!


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