Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I was talking and my cuz's dog's teeth got worn down by knuckle bones... I use them...?

So should I switch to rawhide? he hates nylabones, he is basicly chewing on plastic!!!!! And he is a 3 year old lab... please!

I was talking and my cuz's dog's teeth got worn down by knuckle bones... I use them...?
just reduce the amount of ones to maybe once a month as a substitute pigs ears are good so are Kong's full of meat paste
Reply:Try not to give as much, the nylabone, or kong will not wear on the teeth as much, and the kong you can fill with goodies:) Also try cow hoofs, pig ears, things like that, but yes rawhide you can also try just keep a close eye on his that he's not eating to quick, and when it gets to small throw it away or he can swolle it hole and get sick.
Reply:Rawhides can be very dangerous especially if your dog is likely to tear off a large piece at once and swallow it as it can significantly expand in size in the gut and create a blockage.
Reply:my dogs teeth get worn down too, did stop her from getting her championship. I only give knuckle bones outside and 2 times a month, rest of the time it's kong, stuffed, so they are very interested and play with them for hours.
Reply:Rawhide isn't great for any dog. It can chip their teeth, lodge in the throat or cut the mouth and internal organs.

Bones do the same thing and make pooping very difficult if large pieces are present (if it's broken and swallowed)

Try Dentabones. They take awhile to eat, clean the teeth, have a nice flavor for the dog and leave their breath smelling they are relatively cheap.

We've given them to our 2 Labs and it lasts the better part of 20 minutes with our female and about 30 minutes with our male.

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