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Do you need to brush the dog's teeth everyday?

When you brush a dogs teeth, you don't need to sit there and brush like you do your teeth. Dog toothpaste is made to work with the saliva, so you just have to make sure to get it on the teeth. Takes a couple of seconds with a dog that doesn't mind its teeth brushed.

Most people don't even bother to brush their dog's teeth at all. I work in grooming, and its quite obvious how widespread tooth problems are with dogs.

If you have a dog that doesn't like to chew bones or dental chews, and you don't brush the teeth, don't be surprised when they begin to rot away.

Do you need to brush the dog's teeth everyday?
dogs with proper dental occlusion usually have few issues with their teeth or gums, provided they are not fed primarily soft foods. Report It

Reply:You can go various periods of time without brushing but you need to watch there are also chews, the only one that has been actually shown to be useful are the Report It

Reply:C.E.T. Hextra chews-they have chlorahexidine and Dr. Peter Emery did a study on the various dental chews and this was the only one found to do anything with regards to tooth/gum problem prevention. Report It

Reply:Once a day or 3 times a week.
Reply:no you dont, just like....about once a week around but you should check with the vet anyways.
Reply:I don't think so. I know a lot of people with dogs, and they hardly ever brush their dogs teeth. They have pretty clean mouths, and it would be a waste of time to do so.
Reply:no because then their teeth will be too clean and used to cleanliness and when they get dirty hell have probs

same reason why you dont bathe them evryday

id say once every two weeks or month

also a dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans and we brush our teeth 3+ times a day

and some dogs neevr do

thats a thought

and kudos for taking care of your dogs teeth

we just had rawhide bones
Reply:Your not supposed to brush your dogs teeth

let the vet take care of that
Reply:My vet recommends at least twice a week to keep the gums stimulated and to help prevent buildup.

Small dogs have a greater risk of dental problems than larger dogs.
Reply:It's certainly easier to avoid plaque buildup that way. Plus, they get more used to it (in theory).
Reply:If I was you I would brush them 1 time per 2 days if you want the dog to have good breth and very healthy teeth.
Reply:It's a myth that dogs' mouths are cleaner than humans'!

Once a day is great, but a couple times a week is sufficient... dogs aren't usually as vain about their pearly whites as people, so you're just trying to maintain their health. ;)
Reply:Veterinary Dentists recommend brushing your dog's teeth daily. See the link below for instructions. If you don't, you may end up like me getting your dog root canals and titanium teeth. If you're in the Phoenix area, I highly recommend Dr. Lyon, Veterinary Dentist at Arizona Veterinary Specialists in Gilbert. He also worked on the teeth of the dog in Frasier.
Reply:Just like a lot of answers on here ... that depends. The biggest factor is ... What do you feed your dog? Do you feed him canned dogfood? If so, you need to brush his teeth frequently. If you are like me and you feed your dog dry dogfood - especially Milk Bone dog biscuits - you rarely need to brush your dogs teeth. FYI - I have NEVER brushed my dogs teeth. My 18 year old border collie died with all of his teeth in-tact, my 14 year old golden retriever died with all of his teeth in-tact, so I think my method works.

Merry Christmas.
Reply:It is ideal to brush them everyday. Think how your mouth would be if you didn't brush your teeth everyday? I know sometimes it's hard to do this for your dog. There are other products available to use between brushings.

Ask you veterinarian
Reply:Nope, because I feed my dogs a diet that is proper for a carnivore--raw meat, edible raw bones, and raw offal. Both my eleven year old dog and my six year old dog have never had their teeth brushed or had a dental and their teeth look like the teeth of a one year old dog.

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