Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Can i get braces for my dog's teeth?

Yes you can.............Check out this article:

Kim at:

Can i get braces for my dog's teeth?
Yep, I've seen 'em.
Reply:yes, but why?
Reply:Great question :))) And don't forget a gold pocket watch :)
Reply:Why? Are the other dogs making fun of his crooked teeth? They don't care if they have messed up teeth, so unless it is a health issue, don't put your dog through that.
Reply:why would you want to? I'm sure if you looked hard enough you could. with all the "designer" dogs out there (PEOPLE:- they are cross breeds ie a "moodle" is just a Maltese x poodle) I'm sure someone is putting braces on dogs. good luck with it.
Reply:why not a grill??? Is better
Reply:Not as far as I know - but, hey, money can get you anything!
Reply:Yes, but unless the teeth are so misaligned as to create problems for the dog, the cost and the nuisance they are to the dog, just isn't worth it. I'm sure if you are more than willing to put the money out the local Veterinarian Orthodontist would be happy to put them on for you!!
Reply:I wouldn't waste my money. But I guess you could. I have seen dogs get their teeth pulled and stuff. The best thing to do is call a pet dentists and ask. Then see how much it would cost. Just for fun.LOL


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