Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What happens if u don't brush ur dog's teeth? Is it bad for their health?

It's ok if you don't brush your dogs teeth, but when you get your dog groomed make sure to ask them if they'd brush it's teeth (it's better to have them brushed sometimes).

What happens if u don't brush ur dog's teeth? Is it bad for their health?
get tarter control bones they work fine
Reply:your not required to brush a dogs teeth. Feed them dog food with a dental formula in it. I'll do it for them. I feed my dog that type of food. and she's just fine.
Reply:tell the dog to brush them 3 times a day for each meal and then between snacks and he shouldnt get cavities
Reply:The same that would happen to you just slower en-less you feed your dog people food. They would rot. So your dog will not live as long as many dogs are doing today.
Reply:you dont necessarily have to brush your dog's teeth. trust me, i have 5 dogs and they are all healthy. i mean what is the use of brushing them if they are gonna eat something gross or lick their private parts...
Reply:my family never brushes dogs teeth they are fine
Reply:Hey! No it's not bad for their health! Hardly anyone brushes their dogs teeth. Their teeth are not like humans. They won't fall out or get black. Dogs don't like getting their teeth brudhed. Just leave him be... he'll like you not touching his teeth. Don't worry! Nothing will go rong.
Reply:I have had a lot of dogs that have lived to ripe old ages and I have never brushed their teeth and I have never had any problems.

Dog bones - crunchy, not the rawhide, work wonders.

Also, I will go to the store and get the beef bones and put them in the freezer and freeze them and then give them to my English Mastiffs and let them chew on them and get all the meat off - then I can put peanut butter in the center of the bone and freeze that and the dogs go nuts over it! They are only like a dollar and they last forever. This is an outside chew treat, please, not inside -slime city! Anyway, I don't know if it would be good for small dogs or not, but for my giant Mastiffs - it is heaven!
Reply:I have adopted a few dogs with bad teeth. Dogs experience pain as we do. For the little time it takes, the effort is worth it. Pet shops sell various flavors of dog toothpaste. Besides brushing the teeth daily, don't feed human food and schedule a checkup for the dog yearly. The vet will determine how often he needs to do a little extra cleaning.Cleaning the teeth adds to the dog's overall general health because it keeps away inflammation and infections.
Reply:I Give my dogs a "Real Bone" every Sunday morning for a treat and for their teeth. During the week, they get raw hide bones. My Vet recently remarked how white and strong my dogs teeth looked and I do not brush their teeth.
Reply:If you have the time to brush his teeth, then its always a good idea, depending on the breed, some tend to build up tarter faster than others ,, for example, poms,yorkies, ect seem to have geneticly worse teeth then big dogs. the problem is is that when you let the tarter build up it gets up underneath the gum line, in time it can cause heart and other organ problems because of the bacteria in their blood stream. your vet can advise you of a dental plan, depending on how bad or good they are. they will also carry a perscription food called T/D that you can give as snacks. this food splinters off when they are eating it and helps clean the teeth. do not use this as his diet though because it is high in fat. hope this helps!
Reply:I was about to give you my 2 cents worth but so many YA panelist have beaten me to it. N I must say that they r pretty good too. Ultimately, it's a matter of choice.If u can afford the extra cost n time, do brush, n follow up with dental care at the vet.


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