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What can you do to clean a dog's teeth?

if your dogs teeth allready have a heavy buildup of tarter on them,you cant get it off at home.You will need to see your Vet,and have them do it.

What can you do to clean a dog's teeth?
brush its teeth!
Reply:brush it's teeth like we usually do..
Reply:they sell dog tooth paste and tooth brushes, but if there already really bad you may want to take hom to the vet to be professionaly cleaned
Reply:I like to recommend the rope toys, the ones that are just bundled/twisted string tied in a knot.

I soak the rope toy in unsalted broth, then dry in a slow oven. This makes the dogs want to chew all the flavoring out, and it works like dental floss. The one in the Hartz Mountain display at your grocer's is fine, or the ones at your pet supply, but don't get the cheap dollar store kind, as they are not safe.

Also, changing to a kibble with all natural human grade ingredients will help. I feed Canidae, and my dogs' teeth never need cleaning, and their breath is fine.

Other all natural digestible kibbles are Innova, Solid Gold, Wysong, and several more. These kibbles cost more per bag, but less per month, as the dogs eat less and poop (waste) less.

They are much better for clean dog breath, as the ingredients are more digestible, and they don't produce the gasses of imcompleted digestion.
Reply:I use a little bit of baking soda and water mix, then just get a toothbrush you don't plan on using and brush.
Reply:There are dental sets at pet supply stores. They usually contain a toothbrush, a finger brush and toothpaste. If you have problems getting your dog to be comfy with you brushing their teeth, start with the toot paste on your finger and offer it to them as a treat. Them move to the finger brush and put the paste on it rubbing their teeth and gums gently. Then, move to the brush. Make a big deal of praise out of completing the task so they think they did something good! The more you brush the more comfortable they become with it. If this just absolutely will not work, you can take the dog to a groomer and let them deal with it. Or you can take your dog to your vet and they will do it for you. Be sure to ask what method the vet will use because some will sedate the dog to get the most effective cleaning but you may not want your pup medicated for this reason. If you start yourself when they are young, they will be much more receptive to you. Good Luck!
Reply:Vet can give you good advice on how to brush the dogs teeth, no joke. You can buy products at that office or a reliable pet store. Don't use human tooth paste. First, very important, you must take the dog in and have the vet clean them proffessionally! It is very important so you don't hit a bad tooth or cavity, and you don't want to press on the dog's gums!! vet first and ask the Vet for advice... Yes, it is that important.
Reply:put some toothpast in his water...
Reply:You can get him some biscuits that cleans his teeth and freshens his breath also.I tried to brush my dogs teeth but it doesn't work .He won't let me he is a big rottweiler.
Reply:There are these treats out now called Greenies. They were developed to be a treat that dogs like to chew on and are designed to be good for their breath and help in cleaning their teeth. They are green in color and shaped like toothbrushes. Make sure that you get the right sized treats for your dog. The size treats that you will need are based on the dogs weight. Also know that they are manufactured in a facility that processes products containing peanut products (if anyone has allergies).
Reply:Brush them. For an inbetween fix give them those denta bones.

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