Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is there a way to clean a dog's teeth without buying a special toothbrush?

use a regular toothbrush

Is there a way to clean a dog's teeth without buying a special toothbrush?
Milkbone dog biscuits, rawhide etc, that's their main purpose. To clean dogs Teeth. If that doesn't work, take one of your old toothbrushes and start cleaning.
Reply:♥they have certain biscuits and bones for dogs that can help clean their teeth...just look for them it will say on the package... i've always given them to my dogs and they have never had any dental problems :D♥
Reply:i use a regular tooth brush
Reply:Yes, you can get try getting her those special freshening bones. I get my dogs those bones and their teeth are very clean and I never have to brush their teeth. U can get them at the pet store or Walmart very cheap.
Reply:Feed him dry food only, no canned food. Hard biscuits, no semi-moist like beggin strips. there are treats out there to help clean the teeth such as rawhide, but don't get the bleached ones because they will stomach aches. How old is the pooch? If he's a pup, don't give him rawhide because it (rawhide) expands in the dog's stomach, and since their stomach has not fully developped yet, it will cause them pain and constipation. If you really want to go with that, then get him the ones that more than one layer, it'll take him a while before he can get through it. Don't get him the knotted bones, cause dogs tend to chew in the middle and swallow the knots on the side.
Reply:You can use a regular toothbrush, your finger by itself, or your finger with a washcloth over it. Also, the dental treats work well, as others have stated. My dogs hate toothbrushes, and they're jaws are too strong to argue with, so I go with my finger and a washcloth. They don't mind it as much, and I figure it's better than nothing...

Good luck!
Reply:But bones that say dental or treats that say dental on it they work PERFECTLY! we bought almost every dental bone in the store for my dogs and now her teeth look like we got them lasered or we took her to the vet and they polished her teeth! But we didn't do any of that Bones that say dental on it work very well! Everyone loves her teeth! I take her for a walk and they say that she is very beautiful! They ask me how we got her teeth so pearly white and I said dental bones! Any kind really works! But the bones really depend on your dog if she like them or not just try evry thing make a list of what it likes and doesn't! So when you go to the store take the list with you and buy what she likes!
Reply:You can use any type of tooth brush, but you have to use toothpaste meant for animals, becuase they dont rinse they eat it. It is not very much though, just go to your local pet shops
Reply:There are tartar treats that have texturing on them that will clean your dog's teeth
Reply:a regular cheap-o toothbrush works just as well....
Reply:if you buy a regular toothbrush make sure the brush is very soft
Reply:invest in greenies. they are aslo treats for ddogs. they help with tarter, plague and smelly breath.
Reply:of course their is!

buy a dog treat that says it helps keeps dogs teeth clean and healthy!


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