Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When and how long should i brush my dog's teeth?

I brush my dog's teeth after dinner everyday..although once in a while i forget to...but i brush them for about 2 minutes.

When and how long should i brush my dog's teeth?
once a day untill he dies
Reply:3-5 mins....

they're just like humans
Reply:every day if you want consult your vet it might depend on the breed( an consult more than one cause they all give different answers)
Reply:Once every year. You don't want to brush them too much becuase the stuff that the vet puts in the pet can kill it if you clean them too much. It is impossible to brush his teeth by yourself. He'll probably bite you. I'd get his teeth brushed in Feb. of every year. It is very unhealthy to brush his teeth everyday. The idiots that wrote that should be reported. Now if you are just using the toothbrush and no cleaner, it would be ok to brush them everyday but your dog might hate that and you'd hate doing that. They have doggy breathmints that you can buy cheap that will keep his breath clean.
Reply:Every day! I buy dental chew bars for my dog it freshens his breath
Reply:Normally every other day is good but at least once a week. It also helps if your dog has something to chew on such as a rope toy (to floss) or greenies or rawhides. I would also recommend having a vet clean them once a year but if the teeth are in good condition the vet may skip the yearly cleaning. A carrot is good too because the vitamin A and beta carotene will help fight bacteria that can enter through the gums and get into the dogs blood stream. Plus, a dogs body will digest carrots unlike fillers such as corn or wheat.
Reply:Once a day would be fantastic if you and your dog can get on that schedule. But even every other day, or every few days will work wonders for your dogs breath and oral hygiene. The best toothbrushes are the finger cot style, that fit right on your own finger tip. It's less evasive for you dog, you're not actually sticking a foreign object in his mouth, and he'll be more receptive to your hand. Plus, they are so much easier to use! Good luck... and cudos to you for caring that much about your dog to keep his teeth clean. Bad teeth can lead to so many diseases that people don't realize. Happy brushing!
Reply:every day just like people. get the chicken flavored toothpaste my dog loves it


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