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Can I use my toothpaste to brush my dog's teeth?

I would only have some household items market near, much less pet supplies. So what could I use that I might have on hand?

Can I use my toothpaste to brush my dog's teeth?
No, human toothpaste contains fluoride, that is toxic if ingested. We spit out the toothpaste, so that is why we use it. A dog will swallow it.

As someone mentioned, paste made w baking soda works. You could also order some doggie paste online. Rawhide chews also help.
Reply:Baking soda works great to brush their teeth.
Reply:No to human toothpaste. Instead, put a bit of baking powder on the brush and add a bit of water. Your dog will not like the taste, but its safe!
Reply:NO! i wouldnt risk it. go to a pet store like petco or petsmart and they will have the right toothpaste for your dog.
Reply:It won't hurt your dog to use your toothpaste. But I think baking soda is best.
Reply:NO!!! Do not use human toothpaste on a dog. It is poisionous to them. Try using some baking soda until you can get him some Dental Bones or a tooth-cleaning appointment at a groomer's or vet's.
Reply:Not human toothpaste, the fluoride is poison.

Feed him raw carrots, frozen green beans, those will clean his teeth right up.
Reply:No! There may be ingredients in it that can make your dog very sick. Plain water is best until you can get some made especially for dogs. The brushing action to remove food particles is what works best, not really the toothpaste.
Reply:You can not use human toothpaste with dogs or cats. It contains flouride which can be lethal to dogs and cats. If you can not get out to a store, try using baking soda. Bad tasting for the pet, but much more safe:)
Reply:Raw meaty bones are excellent for cleaning teeth!!

Never use your own toothpaste for brushing your dogs teeth.
Reply:It is best to use a tooth paste that is specifically formulated for your pet. For example CET toothpaste does not contain foaming agents and is meant to be swallowed. They also make Canine toothbrushes as well.
Reply:no just get the doggy toothpaste from the pet store
Reply:no you can not use your toothpaste but you can use your own toothbrush
Reply:no ether baking soda or dog toothpaste available at pet stores
Reply:If you have nothing else available let it chew on an old washcloth. That should do until you can get something for your dog and its not harmful.
Reply:You should always avoid any toothpaste (dog or human) that contains Xylotol or Flouride as these are unhealthy for dogs. The best solution is to put very little baking soda on a toothbrush (preferably meant for dogs but whatever works) and make sure you wet it enough to where the baking soda is almost dissolved. Just don't let them have too much of it and it really works great as toothpaste! remember----wet the baking soda and use as little as possible!!

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