Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's the easiest way to brush my dog's teeth?

She doesn't like it, so she bites down on the toothbrush or runs away. Is there a good way of holding her in place?

What's the easiest way to brush my dog's teeth?
You just need to persist. Be very gentle, have her lying on her side (be good to do it when she's tired out from a long walk), and gently brush. Some dogs do better with a finger toothbrush. Some only like certain flavors of toothpaste. My 3 have had their teeth brushed regularly for years with mint toothpaste. I recently made a mistake and bought a different flavor and they're all fighting it.

It's normal for them to bite on the brush, they just have to have time to learn to stay still. I wouldn't recommend getting anyone to help you hold her down because you'll just stress her out more. Unless this is a giant breed of dog, you should be ok on your own.
Reply:You can buy beef or chicken flavor toothpaste. You can also ask your vet for tips or help.
Reply:get someone to help you hold her. put one arm around her body and the under her neck with your hand holding her face so she cant move. start by brushing the outer sides of the teeth and when you get to the inside press your fingers aginst the skin towards the back of the mouth so she cant bite down or she will bite herself. )do not put your hand in her mouth while doing this though)
Reply:Greenies bones..They are awesome and you can get a free sample from All natural. They work too!

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Reply:Unless your dog has a specific problem with her teeth you could get some of those special kind of milk bones that clean their teeth wile they are chewing them.
Reply:they sell bones at the pet store that clean the dogs teeth, thats what I use, because my dogs won't let me brush their teeth at all
Reply:Just give her some of the treats that are out there that have the same affect.
Reply:You now have another way, look in walmart or Petco or Petsmart for a product by Hartz. It is a Dental Chew rubber toy, you can spread peanut butter or a small amount of cheese spread between the rubber layers and she will chew to get it out. In the mean time she gets her teeth cleaned. Go to and look at the info under dogs. They have drop down boxes and you can view all of the dental products and chews they make. Try the other method and she will be begging to have her teeth cleaned!
Reply:Try the flavored toothpaste for dogs. I used to get mine the peanut butter flavor. She loved it. But then it became an issue of her trying to eat the toothbrush while trying to brush.
Reply:Wet a rag and pu doggie toothpaste on it. Wrap the rag around your finger and get him to naw on your finger...Rub your finger around on his teeth and he may actually like it...My 9 wk old pup loves it...I think maybe it feels good to have his gums stimulated..
Reply:well my shih tzu finally stopped fighting when he found out he wasn't winning. hold her down.
Reply:you can buy dog tooth brushes that are really long this way you don't have to put your hand in there moth, they also sell dog tooth paste and bones that dogs eat that clean their teeth so you don't have to
Reply:get good tasting tooth past.
Reply:I brush my Chihuahua's teeth when giving him a bath. He knows he cant get away during bath time. During the week he loves Greenies, get a sample from the vet.


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