Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is it ok not to brush my dog's teeth if the vet gives them a dental every year?

Its better to brush than have your dog put under every year. Every time a dog is put under it is a risk.

Large frozen broccoli heads do a pretty good job of cleaning teeth, if they will gnaw on it.

I would NOT give your dogs greenies, there have been reports of quite a few digestive blockages with them.

Is it ok not to brush my dog's teeth if the vet gives them a dental every year?
you should, if he/she only does it once a year
Reply:i don't brush my dog teeth..
Reply:I get my dogs "Greenies". They are made to clean your dogs teeth...they come in all different sizes (bones that look like toothbrushes). My two Chihuahua's love them! You can find them at Petco or PetSmart...and some local pet stores carry them as well.
Reply:You should still brush your dog's teeth. My dog goes to the dentist once a month and I still brush her teeth in between visits.
Reply:NO! you still have to brush their teeth everyday. usually with a chlorohexadine or antbacterial paste. the yearly vet visit is a dental cleanup like when u go to your dentist every six months. so it important that you clean your dogs teeth. there are products you can ask youe vet like dental treats and water helps in dogs oral hygiene and nobody likes doggie breath.
Reply:Your vet agreed to give a dental every year?! That sounds a little harsh. It may seem okay to do dentals now, but as your dog gets older, it poses more of a risk to its health.

You should try to brush its teeth at least once a week. If your dog is opposed to this, try different kinds of brushes (finger brush, etc.) Take baby steps, desensitizing it to this will be better for it in the long run--and your vet and groomer will thank you.

In the meantime, give your dog denta bones/stix or rawhide sticks.
Reply:It's best to brush his teeth if you can, but it's not essential (unless you feed him that awful fake hamburger doogy junk food!) Most people don't do it regularly.
Reply:I Give My Dog Iams Dental Tartar Treats.

She Loves Them, And Her Teeth Are Perfectly Healthy.
Reply:ask your vet if they stock logic oral hygine gel. you dont need to brush the teeth enzymes break down the tatar when the animal licks it off your finger much safer then letting your animal have a general anaesethic once a year.

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