Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How often should I brush my 'future' dog's teeth?

It really depends on your dog breed. For example, some smaller breeds (pugs, bichons) have a tendancy to get pretty icky teeth pretty quickly. Once your dog's teeth get build up on hem it can be pretty difficult to reverse the damage - tThe liver, kidneys, heart and, less commonly, the lungs can, over time, be affected by the persistent invasion of toxins and bacteria into the bloodstream. Once this happens, dost have to be anaestacized in order to clean their teeth. Our vet recommends that we brush our dogs teeth at least every 2nd day (every day is preferred) and he gets a dental chew several times a week.

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How often should I brush my 'future' dog's teeth?
I brush them once or twice a week at least.
Reply:everyday. it wont like it though, just like with baths
Reply:Once a week for me. Rawhide bones also help a dogs teeth.
Reply:You don't have to brush a dogs teeth everyday. In all honesty, buying a chew toy that has raised bumps on it (a Nyla bone, for example) is good for helping to clean a dogs teeth. I never brush my dogs teeth but he has his cleaned by my vet once a year and she said he has great teeth. If you feel that you must brush their teeth, I would suggest once a week.
Reply:Every other day and no using human toothpaste because of some of the chemicals.

I have a website all about Standard Poodles and there is a page about taking care of your dogs teeth. Check it out, it might help.

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