Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What can i use that's around the house to brush my dog's teeth?

Well go to a pet shop and buy a special tooth brush. They sell special toothbrushes formulated to fit into dogs mouth's betters without irritation. Also get a dog tooth paste BUT DO NOT USE HUMAN TOOTH PASTE!!!! Or if you are looking for something to get rid of doggy breath some stores sell dog mints. Also be careful. Do not put alot pressure on the tooth brush. And at the beggining reward your dog with a treat for letting you brush it's teeth.

What can i use that's around the house to brush my dog's teeth?
Use a wet washcloth on your finger and scrub away.

The doggy toothpaste is a great investment though. It actually makes them tolerate the experience.
Reply:An old toothbrush. DO NOT use human toothpaste. Go to the pet store and get tooth paste for dogs.

Please got to a pet supply store and get a toothpaste formulated for dogs. I use Petrodex for my puppy. They have an enzymatic forumla in beef flavor that she loves. I put apply it to a rubbery thing that covers my finger, then I slide it along the outside of her teeth. The enzymes work their way through the spaces between the teeth and to the back of the teeth. She gets compliments all the time on how great her teeth look!
Reply:Use a special dog toothpaste from petsmart or another pet store. By no means use regular toothpaste, it is not good for dogs. Also, don't brush them too often- dogs aren't like people and don't need their teeth brush daily.
Reply:Milk Bone dog biscuits are great for cleaning dogs teeth and the dogs usually like them.

Or else use your husbands toothbrush while he's sleeping, lol.
Reply:well you can go to the vet and get a brush and tooth paste for dogs . DO NOT USE HUMAN TOOTH PASTE very dangerous for animals can die from it .

I think the tooth paste and the brush can't cost more then $10.00 or even less.
Reply:If your brushing use a regular toothbrush and make sure you use dogs toothpaste its not that expensive.
Reply:While I've heard that you can make a hydrogen peroxide mix and a cotton ball to brush a dog's teeth, the best thing to use to brush a dog's teeth is actual doggie toothpaste, which you can buy in any pet store, along with either a doggie toothbrush, a finger brush, or even a child's toothbrush.
Reply:Use a small-headed, old or unused toothbrush. Don't use alot of pressure when washing a dog's teeth and buy doggie toothpaste from your nearest pet supplies store.

You can also use your finger, but if the dog gets irritated and snappy he could accidentally bite your finger and it probably doesn't clean as good.
Reply:a old shirt of yours, put it in your finger and clean her teeth.
Reply:Okay this is not exactly the answer to your question but there is fabulous stuff called PlaqueOff by ProDen. For a 25-50# dog you just put a 1/8 tsp on the dog's food per day it even comes with a scoop! one bottle would last for 6 mo for this size dog. It is a seaweed that softens the plaque on the teeth and prevents any more plaque from forming. Very cool stuff! I have used it on my dogs since June and they just had a vet apointment and he asked me were I had their dentals done! This eleminates putting your hand in the dogs mouth and scary dentals with anithistisia! It can be ordered online and at a variety of stores nation wide!
Reply:Tricky question. Well, if you wanna "brush" your dogs teeth..which btw doesn't make much sense..invest 10 dollars in a dog toothbrush and toothpaste.

Grannies old wig won't do the job.
Reply:I actually get a kick out of the idea of people brushing their dogs teeth %26lt;g%26gt; This to me, is an unnecessary thing to do IF you let your dog be a dog and give it raw bones to chew on. I know that often people feel that it's gross to do that and that's okay. If that's the case, then brushing your dog's teeth is going to be necessary. But the way a wolf or any wild animal keep's it's teeth pearly white is it gnaws on them bones and their teeth are strong and clean, and healthy. I always give my dogs raw bones to chew and their teeth are white. I've had people remark on how nice they looked and wanted to know what I did %26lt;g%26gt; I feed them chicken wings and chicken legs as part of their normal feedings (plus their dry food) and then buy also marrow bones (beef) and knuckle bones from the butcher. I also keep a watch out for other meaty bones that the butcher may have and he knows to keep a few 'goodies' like that around for my dogs. Even my corgi gets the same stuff as my American Indian dogs - and she can chew the bones up just as well!! It's a matter of preference I suppose but I prefer the natural way to go rather than buying a chemical product to put in my dogs mouth. Just wanted to suggest an alternative method!!


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