Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Does anyone have a dog who's senior teeth need to be pulled out?

My dog is 12 years old (a tibetian terrier) and I'm affraid he'll need at least two tooth to be pulled out. I'm not sure if this is recommendable and if so is it expensive?

Does anyone have a dog who's senior teeth need to be pulled out?
my old family dog has had about 8 teeth pulled and he is doing fine. i'm not sure about the cost but it is probably a good idea to go ahead with it if the vet is recommending it.
Reply:..........your dog can die from infection if you do NOT pull these teeth.....I "lost" a senior dog because of an abcessed tooth...we took him to the vet , but it was too is not that expensive....what is the price of your friend's life? made a commitment to this animal when you got honor it , please........I know how it is to have money problems , I have them now.......find a way........
Reply:if u can afford pom is 9 and she just ONE tooth pulled at 400 big ones, to put her under and bring her back , then the food and meds

crazy if you ask me
Reply:Why would you want to leave rotten teeth in your dogs mouth?? Would you leave rotting teeth in your mouth?? I would think not. If the vet says they need to be pulled then they need to be pulled. Expense depends on where you go every vet charges differently. A dog can still eat and drink with NO teeth in there mouth. I have seen many chihuahuas and other dogs who have no teeth or just a 4. They do fine, so instead of worrying for no reason get them pulled so he feels better. Unless you would rather leave them in and run the chance of having the tooth abscess which will be more expensive. It's up to you.
Reply:If the vet says they need to come out, then they probably do.

My Lucy had 12 teeth pulled at her last dental. How expensive it is depends on the vet. Ask them.
Reply:my gf's family dog named bahney bahney bahney had to have a buncha teeth etracted and he seems to be doing well in fact that is all i hear about from them is bahney bahney bahney so i guess it didn't cause too much stress and strain to have it done.
Reply:I just rescued a Husky ( approx. 13 years old ) about six months ago %26amp; she needed her teeth cleaned badly. Upon having it done the vet had to pull out one tooth, My vet only charged me $60.


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