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Seeking professional advice. I work in a kennel. What do I do when a fearful dog growles and bares his teeth.?

I sucessfully put the lead on the dog but when I went to take it off he growled, bared his teeth and I withdrew my hand. After that we were both nervous. I called in the person who had checked him in and she had no problem taking off his collar and scratching him behind his ears.

Seeking professional advice. I work in a kennel. What do I do when a fearful dog growles and bares his teeth.?
I raise Dobermans and at times one will act up. What I have found to work is taking the lead up so my hand was at the back of their neck, looking down and sternly saying NO one time and not losing eye cont ac for a few seconds then walk them a few more paces stop and talk friendly with them with a few praises. Pull the lead up again so your hand rests on the back of their neck again and hold on to the collar gently then with your other hand pat him a few times the whole time telling the dog how good he or she is then release the lead and then the collar. Main important point you cant show any fear.
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Reply:Get somebody else to handle the dog!
Reply:It sounds like you were scared of him from the start and he sensed that. Take him a treat when you go to yake him out. Try to srat calm and offer it to him.
Reply:Is there an area where he can be let out of his kennel before attaching the leash? He is most likely much more aggressive when he feels like he is cornered.

If you can't let him out first, then go in and let him come to you. He won't feel threatened if he makes the first move.

Often dogs respond to different people because of scent. You may have handled another male before approaching him, or you may have a dog at home that left scent on you. Perhaps the other person did not.

Also, the other person may remind him more of his family. Or the person who checked him in was given permission by the owner, and you were not introduced by the owner.

There could be many reasons, but he sounds more fear-aggressive than just mean. See what you can do to earn his trust, and don't rush him.

Hope this helps some.
Reply:dont make eye contact unless you are sure you wont look away first. if my dog gets to thinking hes boss i very sternly lift his front feet off the ground for a split second holding his collar and say NO!! and mean it.thats if he is just posturing if it was an im gonna kill you growel get someone else to do him.
Reply:Remember that he is afraid. remain calm your self. he has learned that he can control you by growling and being agressive. this is a time for caution. I have worked with fearfull dogs before even been bitten a few times. work with the other people at the kennel to learn better ways to handle dogs in this situation.

I try working with this dog in various situation under the supervision of your supervisor at work. you did the right thing by calling in help.
Reply:Don't be afraid to start....if you have any fear or concern, it might be best to let someone else get the dog.

it's not worth getting bit.

NEVER come toward dog and pet the head....always have your hand lower than the head.

let the dog smell your hand first, before attempting to place collar or pet him.

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