Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are Treats Like Beggin' Strips and Snausages Bad For a Dog's Teeth?

yes and no. theres nothing in there that provides benifiting substances for your dogs teeth. too much of that stuff can be bad for you dog to be truthful. they have treats from greenies, twistex, and other companies that are specially made treats that are helpful to dogs teeth and gums. there are also biscuits that are much better for dogs than the treat. natural choice carries some, eagle pack carries some, wellness carries some. so check those out!

Are Treats Like Beggin' Strips and Snausages Bad For a Dog's Teeth?
Yes and bad for the health of the dog. There is no nutrional value in those treats - it's like you eating cake all the time. yummm but that spare tire isnt attractive nor is it good for your heart.

Try things like all natural liver treats. Hard dog bones help to keep the teeth clean. Softer treats can stick in between the teeth and cause decay and rot. Hard treats scrub the teeth as the dog chews.. just like the hard dog food. (hint hint.. no canned food!!)
Reply:Not really, however, the red dye in them is bad for their bladder.
Reply:If you want to give your dog a treat, try a big slab of ribs. They have lots of connective tissue to clean the teeth, they make the dog exercise to rip the meat off of them, they make the dog think because he has to figure out how to make the ribs stay still while he pulls...

None of that crap is good for your dog, not for his teeth or his whole body.

Dogs shouldn't eat anything smaller than their heads, and it shouldn't be cooked. If it doesn't come from the meat aisle, don't feed it.
Reply:There are booda bones at petsmart that are aqua in color with nubs on them. My whole family's dogs love them, they clean their teeth and remove tatar and plaque and they are safe for them to chew! They are $3.00.
Reply:No, but they do cause dog breath.
Reply:Human food that is high in fat is bad for all even humans, a good diet rich in vitamins like a BARF diet is excellent and natural why give them anything else.

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