Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are there other alternatives to brushing a dog's teeth?

Offering Greenies and rawhides to your dog is asking for trouble... there have been cases where the dog choked on them....

Crunchy snacks are good, Dentabone, etc...

....and you could always call your veterinarian to see what they recommend.

Are there other alternatives to brushing a dog's teeth?
dental bones (normally green) work very well.
Reply:the name of the bone is called is very good for your dog's teeth....give him a kiss for me...
Reply:there are dog cookies on the market that help. Ask at your favorite pet store or contact PetSmart.

I have had several cats over the years, and each cat has gone to the dentist every four years or so for a cleaning. As long as they are healthy and not too old they can withstand the medication used that will put them to sleep for the procedure.
Reply:Dogs don't need as much friction to clean their teeth as we do, because their toothpaste works by enzyme action. You can get wipes that have the same enzymes and just rub the wipes on the dog's teeth (you only need to do the outer - cheek-side - surface.) Get your dog's teeth professionally cleaned at least biannually and help maintain clean teeth with dental toys and crunchy food and treats.
Reply:One you can have your groomer brush your dogs teeth, usually it will just be a few dollars more. Or you can get denal bones which are green and those help with the breath and clean the teeth.
Reply:You can get them rawhide chew treats. They love 'em! It kills germs in their mouth and sharpens their teeth at the same time. Warning: Rawhide smells. Try them.

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