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Is it normal for a dog's teeth to fall off at a certain age?

it hasnt happened to mine but a friend says it happens

Is it normal for a dog's teeth to fall off at a certain age?
Only when shedding puppy teeth, until about 8 months old..after that, it is just poor dental care..It is not normal for people either, but many humans wear false teeth!

Some breeds, such as the one I raise, will wear down their front bottom teeth as they age..(dogs with an even bite) so that they are barely there, but not falling out..
Reply:no yur friend is wrong
Reply:yes, definately, however, most people don't notice because the dogs usually swallow their teeth. But it is perfectly normal, just like a little kid

unless you mean falling out like an old man... in which case, your friend is an idiot...
Reply:Puppies lose their milk teeth, old dogs lose their teeth.
Reply:Ive had a 12 year old dog loose a tooth before but not all of them, not true.
Reply:yah when it's a puppy it loses baby teeth just like people do.. but sometimes (like my dog) they wont fall out and the new ones have already grown in so you'll have to get it checked by a vet and maybe pulled or something
Reply:They lose there puppy teeth and there permant ones grow in just like human teeth do.
Reply:It is normal for puppies to lose their milk teeth, but toothe loss in older dogs is a sign of dental disease or trauma and should be treated.
Reply:Puppies loose their teeth. Our liked to lick them and carry them around before they finally ate them. Older dogs may loose their teeth if they don't have sufficient dental care.
Reply:Yes, just like humans they loose their teeth and most of the time they swallow it, so we don't see it.
Reply:dont worry, they'll come out when their redy!!!

Reply:Sure is:

Teething schedule for the dog

Deciduous Teeth (puppy teeth)

Incisors 3-4 weeks

Canines 3 weeks

Premolars 4-12 weeks

Molars None

Permanent teeth (adult teeth)

Incisors 3-5 months

Canines 4-6 months

Premolars 4-6 months

Molars 5-7 months

These are the eruption dates: obviously the deciduous teeth have to fall out to make way for the permanent teeth.

If your dog is much older, then it may have a dental problem such as periodontitis, so take it to a vet.
Reply:Hi as a puppy an adult then no if the proper care %26amp; attension is given to the oral care...Regards Jake
Reply:Puppy teeth begin to shed and be replaced by permanent adult teeth at about four months of age older dogs teeth do fall out but that's because of decay or not takeing care of there teeth.
Reply:As with humans so likewise with dogs they will fall out and be replaced with adult teeth.

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