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Is there an inexpensive way to clean a dog's teeth? Can you tell me what it is? By the way, she is a...?

German Short-Haired Pointer.

Is there an inexpensive way to clean a dog's teeth? Can you tell me what it is? By the way, she is a...?
Feed her raw meaty bones! I feed my dog a raw diet and I've never even touched a dog toothbrush/toothpaste. Sadly enough, her teeth are probably cleaner than mine. People consider a raw diet to be expensive, but in reality it's just as costly as a premium kibble (maybe cheaper). Plus, I save money by not doing any dentals at the vet's office. Her teeth are ridiculously white and shiny!

Check out and, or email me for more info on a raw diet.


You can also give your dog all natural 100% digestible chews, such as bullysticks and moo tubes. Bullysticks are dried bull pizzle and moo tubes are dried cow trachea. My dog LOVES them and they clean teeth as well, although it's not as effective as raw meaty bones.
Reply:u can buy dog toothpaste and a dog tooth brush...thats all i know to tell you!
Reply:You can buy dog chews and treats that are designed to clean a dogs teeth as they chew - probably the cheapest way of doing it!
Reply:Yes, there are very inexpensive toothbrushes you can buy at the pet supply store as well as canine toothpaste.

This article has tips on how to do it, as well as getting your dog used to it:

Good luck.
Reply:If the dog's teeth are full of tartar to the point that brushing won't do it, you can get a scaler and scale them yourself, then keep them clean with regular brushing. Other than that, the only option is a dental at the vet office. Dogs with tooth decay/gum disease can get some pretty serious health problems - heart, kidney, or liver disease, so dental care is necessary.
Reply:Is she having a problem? If so, the vet will have to take care of it. If not, buy special doggie toothpaste and toothbrush. Take it easy, start slowly so the dog will get accustomed to it.

I brush my dogs teeth about once a week, should do it more though.
Reply:Dog toothpaste has enzymes in it that clean your dogs teeth even if you cannot use a toothbrush! So purchase some dog toothpaste and give him the recommended dosage daily!

Also, you can give your dog chew toys and crunchy treats that will help to clean his teeth too.

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