Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do you have any tips for brushing dog's teeth?

My pup loves the taste of his toothpaste and love chewing on the toothbrush!

Do you have any tips for brushing dog's teeth?
Depending on the size of your dog will determine the size of toothbrush you will need to use. I buy my Pomeranians toothpast from my local vet. They have variety of flavors and the one I purchase is PORK, and it is safe if they swallow it. I must say I admire you for taking the time to provide your pet good hygiene. People sometimes do not realize how sick your animal can get from dirty or infected teeth. It can cause all kinds of illnesses including kidney damage. Good luck in your venture.
Reply:Traquilize the dog. THen brush it's teeth.
Reply:Change the toothpaste
Reply:trick the dog with treats, and make sure that the toothpaste is liked, but do not let the dog lick it, I had that happen and she would not open her mouth for me for a week, I have tried many times, keep everything ready and, don't make her aware of what is going on, they know all............
Reply:they actually have teeth cleaning stuff for dogs like biscuits and other types of food, just give it that and let the dog use toothpaste as a toy.
Reply:Dog bones and some snacks work. or put him to sleep some how and use a toothbrush.
Reply:never ever use human toothpaste for dogs,,VERY TOXIC there are lots of different products on the market, get them used to it by first using your finger and dog toothpaste and rub their teeth, and later introduce the brush. make it fun and offer treats when they are well behaved during brushings
Reply:be veery gentle and make them comfy.
Reply:Start off using a plastic glove.....I get 'em at the Dollar store, for 100 for a dollar)Put a little peanut butter or cheese spread on one finger of it, then rub your dog's gums with that. This will get him liking you messing with his mouth. From there, get canine toothpaste at your pet supply, and put it on your finger, the same as you were doing with the peanut butter, and when he accepts that, you can begin using the pet toothbrush.

Always use baby steps in any dog training. That way they never forget.
Reply:I found that if you feed him hard dog food, and don't feed him alot of people food, his teeth should be fine. I have a 5 year old black lab and her teeth are all white and her breath smells fine ( a sign of tooth decay ). Some of her teeth are wearing down but the vet says that is normal and not to worry about it.

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