Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What does it mean when a dog looses it's teeth?

my grandma gave me a little dog a west highland terrier and i don't know how old she is either and she just lost a tooth and i'm kind of scared

What does it mean when a dog looses it's teeth?
I have had terriers my entire life. I currently havea 12lbs Jack Russell. I know Westies are a smaller dog. Smaller dogs generally have more teeth problems than bigger dogs. It really depends on how old she is. Take her to a vet (do a little research if you don't have one. You'll want one you can trust and get to know well) and they should be able to estimate how old she is. If she is a puppy or a young dog they tooth is usually no biggie. But since she was given to you, you do not know her background. Loosing teeth can be a sign of something more serious. Take her to the vet and they can tell you for sure.
Reply:She's probably either very old or very young. Puppies lose their milk teeth much like humans do, and grow their adult teeth in. Senior dogs often lose teeth to peridontal disease. Either way, the vet should be able to estimate the age of the dog and tell you why it's losing it's teeth.
Reply:It means she won't be able to whistle any more.
Reply:Hello-Age can make tooth lost. Have your Vet. look at your Darling to make sure nothing is wrong.

Take Care!
Reply:She might be old, that is the main cause for loosing teeth but she might have broken it off. try taking her to a vet to find out for sure

If she lost a tooth due to old age it doesn't mean she is going to die soon, don't worry.
Reply:thats bad


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