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What's a good way to brush my dog's teeth? Can I use a new human's toothbrush? What can be used as toothpaste?

Hi!! Good question!!! It is very beneficial to brush your dog's teeth as often as you can (I brush my dogs teeth every night before bed). It DOES make a difference!!! Trust me! I do anywhere from 2-3 dentals a day at work :) You can always tell who brushes! A lot less tartar build-up and the gums are in much better shape.

It does not matter which type of toothpaste you choose, just remember.. no human toothpaste!!! Petco, petsmart, etc. all sell doggie toothpaste (chicken and peanut butter are favorites in my house!) along with tooth brushes appropriate for your dogs mouth (because of the shape of a dogs mouth ... try to find an arched brush.. easier to reach in the back! But human "kiddie" toothbrushes are OK too).

I did answer a question on how to start brushing and how to get your dog used to it... I will try to find it for you and paste it here for additional help: (;... Let me know if the link does not work!

Even with routine brushing, it isn't a bad idea to have a dental done once yearly or every year and a half (or whatever you can afford! Our clinic charges anywhere from $120-180 depending on weight) once your baby turns 3 or 4.

Also, if you have trouble brushing every night, I also highly recommend Natural Bones! :) Stay away from raw hides, and "sticky" bones/treats, and wet dog food. All those are junk and will cause access tartar and plaque!

Give your dog a smooch from me!!!

What's a good way to brush my dog's teeth? Can I use a new human's toothbrush? What can be used as toothpaste?
Use ONLY dog toothpaste...human toothpaste can poison the dog..If the dog is big you could use a reg toothbrush but small mouths need small dog brushes.. Instructions on how to are on link..
Reply:You can use a human toothbrush, but I found a three headed toothbrush at the pet store that is easier to keep on the teeth of a squirming dog and gets all sides of the tooth done at one time.

Don't use human toothpaste, since a dog doesn't know how to spit. Any pet store should have a couple canine toothpastes to choose from.
Reply:Forget about brushing the dogs teeth and just feed him some femur bones or meaty soup bones from the grocery every couple of weeks. This will provide him a ton of enjoyment and the chewing will scrape his teeth clean and leave his mouth healthy. It is what nature intended.

We feed our dogs raw meaty bones daily. They NEVER get any commercial dog food ever and have the cleanest teeth and clean breath, healthy mouths.
Reply:Use ONLY dog toothpaste human toothpaste can poison the dog If the dog is big you could use a reg toothbrush but small mouths need small dog brushes
Reply:The others are correct about the toothpaste, do not use human toothpaste. You can get several types of tooth care products at a good pet store. Dental pads, you rub them around with your fingers; a rubber finger glove with nubs that works as a toothbrush, and a variety of tooth gels. I would advise against using a human toothbrush even a soft one. The primary reason for brushing the dog's teeth is to remove tartar. I recommend either the pad or the finger brush.
Reply:Listen to "Freedom" i second his opinion 150%!!!
Reply:You can use a soft-bristled human toothbrush

but they have dog ones

DONT use human toothpaste

its bad for them

they have toothpaste for dogs

you can get it at pet stores
Reply:you need DOG toothpaste. Human paste is very dengerous to your dog. The easiest way to brush is to get a "finger brush" which is like a cap that fits over your finger. When you brush you only need to do the outer parts of the teeth...don't try to pry your dog's mouth open to get to the inner surfaces. His tongue is rough, and will clean the inner surfaces pretty well anyway. Ask your vet to show you how if you're in doubt.
Reply:I'd use a soft bristled toothbrush, but DON'T use human toothpaste. Human toothpaste has fluoride in it, which is poisonous to dogs. You can get dog toothpaste at your vet's office.

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