Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How do you brush a dog's teeth??

i used a baby toothbrush till i saw these rubber brushes at the vets, you slide it over your finger and rub your dogs teeth with it, great idea! there not expensive either!

How do you brush a dog's teeth??
You get the toothbrush and toothpaste that's specialized for them.

"lift their lips" and brush their teeth.
Reply:With a doggy toothbrush %26amp; doggy toothpaste much like you would your own. Your vet or groomer could show you though.
Reply:usually the best way is to get breath tablets from your vets or nearest pet supply company!
Reply:Thanks for reminding me!

I need to brush his teeth right now...
Reply:Buy minty bones that cleans their teeth,freshens breath and removes plaque. Your dog has to be really patient if you want to brush it's teeth. Maybe have a good tasting dog toothpaste?
Reply:I like those little rubber things that look like sewing thimbles. They are usually sold in the package with the doggie toothpaste. Do your regular grooming routine, brush and comb him first, clip his nails and just calmly hold his head in your lap and gently brush his teeth. If he is used to being groomed he should stay quite calm. If you have trouble you can get the vet tech or vet to show you how. Good luck.
Reply:this is what you do ..... first you have to comfort your dog and then once youve done that get him or her familiarized with the toothbrush , lift your dogs lips and slowly and smoothly brush.
Reply:Give Him/Her a Bone! look for the Packages that say Teeth Care or Teeth Cleaner (something along those lines and if you can't find them ask an employee.) and that's the best way. And its gives them something to chew on. For bad breath you could give your dog a couple of spear-mints or break up some candy canes and give it to them. I hope this helps.
Reply:Feed them dentastix, they are great!!
Reply:They have dog toothbrushes and toothpaste at some pet stores. We got a little rubber thing that you put on your finger and had rubber bristles on it. Our dog liked the taste of the toothpaste, so once she got over how weird it was that I was sticking my finger into her mouth, she was content to just sit there. We don't brush her teeth anymore though, she chews on enough nylabones to keep her teeth in good condition.
Reply:I usually have my dogs lying on their side on the grooming table. I put the doggie toothpaste (not human) on the doggie toothbursh and brush their teeth. I reward them a treat after it's done.

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