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How do I clean my dog's teeth?

with your wife's toothbrush

How do I clean my dog's teeth?
They have food that cleans their teeth, you can also brush them. Don't use tooth paste though.
Reply:Go to a pet shop and there's a finger toothbrush especially for dogs. Or a regular toothbrush. First open its lips and start brushing
Reply:just get a toothbrush....not yours i suggest lol..and brush them. You can use toothpaste too but I would go to petsmart and buy the dog kind, they have that now a days.
Reply:Most pet stores and pet supply stores actually have dog tooth brushes and toothpaste. They are very gentle and designed just for a dogs mouth.
Reply:Id go by my dog a tooth brush and toothpaste, get a sharpie marker and put my dogs name on it.
Reply:You can buy doggie toothbrushes and toothpaste. Or you can take them to a vet that does dental work.
Reply:Two ways with a dog toothbrush or some denture biscuits, which both can be bought from a pet shop
Reply:Its national pet smile week (really) go to and find out how to get the vet to clean your dog's teeth for free!
Reply:There are numerous ways on how to clean your dog's teeth. Here are some ways.

- There is a dog toothbrush and toothpaste.

-Some dog bones naturally clean your dog's teeth.

-Veterinarians also do professional dental work for dogs/cats.
Reply:Tooth paste and brush, or dog chews with enzime system to control plaque.
Reply:You struggle... wriggle... grip him tight... stand astride him... lean over to look inside and swallow his bad breath... and try very hard, not to breathe in his saliva with it;-)

voice of experience
Reply:with a toothbrush and toothpaste
Reply:"Greenies" brand dog treat are also excellent for keeping

the dog's teeth and gums in fit condition.
Reply:Use a toothbrush. And mouthwash.
Reply:the best way is to get a latex brush that fits over your finger. they also make beef flavored toothpaste!
Reply:with a toothpaste and toothbrush from the vet
Reply:i use a doggie toothbrush and they sell dog toothpaste....and give him some bones to chew on...i brush my Shepard's teeth once a day in morning and she has bone to chew on ....this also helps when she is bored to have something to play with....just start out slow and work your way up to when they let you brush them all. now she looks forward to it...
Reply:Greenies, in the pet care isle...look like little green toothbrushes..Great !!
Reply:Feed him plenty of Milk Bones...gets rid of the build up on the teeth...bones are also good for this. IF the dog shows serious buildup of plaque, he will have to have his teeth professionally cleaned now and then (expensive)
Reply:It is best to have a qualified vet do it .

A dogs dental health will extend his life .

dogs can get heart disease and blood infections.

they need a thorough tartar removal .

they need to be anesthetized
Reply:You smear Pedigree Chum and Colgate between your bumcheeks and get him to nuzzle right in there?
Reply:You can buy certain toys that help, but just don't feed them soft food. The crunchy food should take care of cleaning their teeth. My dog sure has some pearly whites!
Reply:My vet sells delicious Beef flavour toothpaste and brushes to go with it - mind you, I have to hide the toothpaste cos my other half thinks its pate in a tube - i haven't had the heart to tell him what it really is.
Reply:Same way you clean your own. On difference is - use doggy toothpaste which you can get from the vet.
Reply:There are dental treats and chew for dogs, I give a pedigree dental stick to my pooch every day and she loves them!
Reply:Use special dog toothbrushes and meat-flavour toothpaste. If your local pet shop doesn't stock this, go to your vet - they will probably have some for sale.

Next thing to be aware of is that your dog probably won't like it. Before trying this, get him/her used to you touching his/her muzzle. Start by stroking the muzzle to get the dog used to being touched there. The first time you clean the teeth just do it for a short time. Gradually increase the time as you go.

Be gentle, and good luck!
Reply:there are special toothbrushes and toothpastes in almost all pet shops. they usually have chicken flavour and dogs love it..
Reply:very carefully!!


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