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How often should you brush your dog's teeth?

I know the common sense stuff. I want to know clinically, like what a vet would recommend...

How often should you brush your dog's teeth?
It depends on...

-size of dog

-amount of food eaten

-what type of food (wet or dry)

-what brand of food

-amount of exersize it gets

-medical info

-if it is a small dog like a shitzu then i would say once a month

-if it is a large dog like a german sheperd then i would say once a week

-if it eats like a human (3 meals a day) then weekly

- if it is hardly ever eating then once every month

-if it eats wet food more often than dry weekly

- if it eats gravey train food than weekly

-if it eats anything with calcium than monthly

-if it exercizes like a hunting dog or a hound then it's bones and teeth are healthy so monthly.

- if it has cancer than 3 times a week and after touching it wash hands till squeaky clean!
Reply:well to keep them very clean once a week otherwise once or twice a month
Reply:You'll find suggestions on the tube of toothpaste you buy. I think the rule of thumb is once a month but you may want to brush more if you feed lots of wet dog food or don't provide enough chews (which help remove plaque). Every dog is different too so you may want to ask your vet next visit too.
Reply:Brushing daily is a good idea. Remember to use a toothpaste made specifically for dogs, never human toothpaste. The younger you start your pup the better so he gets used to the brushing. He will eventually need a dental cleaning by the vet too. Dental cleaning is very important because bacteria in the dog's mouth can cause heart and kidney damage.
Reply:Honestly I do not brush my dogs' teeth, for two reasons

1. Since when have you seen a wild wolf stick a tooth brush in their mouth in the wild? It isn't natural and it isn't necessary

2. I feed them good enough food, for them to already have clean teeth.
Reply:i have a puppy, welll she is two years old, and my vet reccommended to brush her teeth daily while she is still a puppy (until she is 3 or 4) and that way she will have healithier teeth when she is older, when she is an adult you should probably brish weekly but you dont have to be as religious about it and can afford to miss a week.

hope this helps,

btw i have a samoyed
Reply:you don't have to often at all because the dogs mouth is so hot plaque and bacterias can't survive in it

thats why you probably hear "the dogs mouth is cleaner that a humans"

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