Monday, April 20, 2009

Are pedigree dentastix good for dog's teeth?

I can not give my dogs synthetic bones or they fight over them, and I can not split them up or they cry for each other, and will not touch the bone, so I bought the dentastix because they are soft, and they eat them faster, so they don%26#039;t fight over it. Does anyone have experience w/dentasticks?

Are pedigree dentastix good for dog%26#039;s teeth?

I have used dentastix for quite a while now for my two staffies. They work extremely well from my experience. Our dog Mako was starting to get build up at 1.5 yrs of age, we tried the dentastix and it has made a big difference. We give them both one every couple of days. It%26#039;s a much safer alternative to bones.

Another option that I was told about by our vet is to give them chicken frames. You don%26#039;t have to give them much and because the bones are soft and crunched up easily you can put some pieces in their dinner bowls at feed time. Chicken wings are another alternative as well. I give my dogs chicken wings sometimes but they need to be supervised and to stop them gulping them down we hold the wings for them while they crunch on the bones. The most important thing with chicken frames/bones is that you DON%26#039;T cook them.

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