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Do you brush your dog's teeth daily?

My dogs all get raw bones and rawhides-- my oldest dog has never needed a dental, and she sees the vet regularly. The enzymes in the raw bones help to keep the teeth clean.

Here is a website with some good information:

Do you brush your dog%26#039;s teeth daily?
Yes! My pup has chicken flavour and berry flavour toothpaste... he LOVES a good brushing :D
Reply:i really try to. i use a finger brush.... and a tooth brush every once in a while. if im to tired then i give her a rawhide cchew stick.
Reply:No, too difficult with 6 dogs, but I do give them C.E.T. chews, they have an enzyme that helps prevent tartar build up on their teeth and I take them for dentals if they need them. dog will attack the brush =D Its actually quite funny, but I tried it once and wont do it again. She is a chihuahua, go figure.

I recon it is good if you do though. Don%26#039;t use human tooth paste though

the vet said my dogs teeth were healthy!
Reply:No... ):

she runs away immediatley.

cant do it ughh
Reply:I have never brushed my dogs teeth.
Reply:Nope. I%26#039;ve never brushed her teeth, but I frequently give her special chews and sticks that do a great job at keeping her teeth clean.
Reply:Not anymore, I switched to a raw meat and bone diet and they don%26#039;t have the buildup they used to get eating kibble..
Reply:every other day..they%26#039;re still puppies so they%26#039;re teeth is gonna fall out but i do it to get them in the habit of brushing. They were irritated at first, but found out it wasn%26#039;t so bad. The only problem i have now is that i%26#039;m trying to brush while they%26#039;re trying to lick they%26#039;re lips. yumm meat flavored toothpaste haha

I give them rawhide bones as well..they absolutely love it and they stopped chewing on things they%26#039;re not suppose to!
Reply:I try to sometimes but I take them to the vet to have their teeth cleaned on a regular basis.

Vet said their teeth looks good and healthy.
Reply:Not daily, but I try to a couple times a week. =) He loves the toothpaste, but gets a little fussy while I%26#039;m brushing. I use a finger brush.
Reply:Once in awhile. But it%26#039;s difficult to get my puggle%26#039;s mouth open when she%26#039;s running away from me! LOL! :-)
Reply:yeah i try to, when i don%26#039;t have time i give her a dental chew (not greenies, those are VERY bad)
Reply:No. I honestly don%26#039;t think it is really necessary to brush their teeth every single day. We feed our dogs a good quality dry dog food, they have bones and toys to chew on and we give them greenies very often. Now, if they ate wet food, didn%26#039;t chew on toys and bones all of the time and didn%26#039;t get greenies, I would most likely brush their teeth everyday. But because the dry food and all of the chewing helps to get plac off of their teeth, we do not brush their teeth everyday. However, there is no substitute for brushing their teeth, so we do brush their teeth 2-3 times a week. Another thing is that we own 3 dogs and while that%26#039;s not a huge amount, it%26#039;s just easier to not have to brush three sets of teeth on a daily basis. We will normally do each dog on a different day, it%26#039;s much easier that way.
Reply:Not at all. It%26#039;s smart if you just give your dog a bone to chew or they have certain play toys that are made to clean teeth. If you have a small dog like a Maltese it may be good to brush their teeth at least once a week, but larger dogs like labs are better off with a bone.
Reply:I am a dog lover and have had dogs all of my life. I have a Pom and an English bulldog. I take them to the vet and give them good good and things to chew on, but I do not brush their teeth. Sometimes I think we go a little overboard. I mean dogs have lived forever without having their teeth brushed. I think that good crunchy food and good things to chew on are all they really need. Still, I am not a vet, so you do what you want to do.

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