Monday, April 20, 2009

Do you brush your dog's teeth?

And if so, how often?

Do you brush your dog%26#039;s teeth?
Brush his teeth with a special dog toothpaste (you can get it at a pet store, maybe even target or walmart.) Do it about once or twice a week.
Reply:i think at least once a week.
Reply:No, but every now and then i give him a special bone that has floride for dogs in it.
Reply:yes. every single day.
Reply:Absolutely and I do it at least once a week. I highly recommend it.

Here is a website on why you should do this:

My breed (papillon), as with many toy breeds, is prone to bad teeth.

I actually do it about once a week (and sometimes I miss a week, BAD OWNER!) but I really should do it more. The best would be nightly or at least 3-4 times a week.

Reply:ya everytime i clean her, which is like every other day. she is a little boston terrier and loves to get cleaned up so tossing her in the laundry room utility tub and giving her a quick bath takes no time at all. plus she absolutly loves the chicken flavored tooth paste!
Reply:yes, once a week ... but he hates it... i have to buy special tooth paste %26#039;beef flavored%26#039;.. the tooth paste runs around 8 bucks.
Reply:No. My dogs eat raw, meaty bones once a week and that keeps their teeth pearly white and tartar free.
Reply:Yes and she loves it actually twice a week and it takes care of her bad breath as well
Reply:i have 5 dogs and i brush their teeth every 2-3weeks or more if they require it. it is not a good idea to keep doing this as many parts and nutrients of their diet helps to clean and care for their teeth.

be careful if you do it as if you do it to hard or incorrectly you can make their gums sore and even bleed
Reply:Yes, I brush her teeth about twice a week. She has grown to love it.
Reply:Yes I do. In fact, I just did about two hours ago! I try to do it as often as possible even though my dogs don%26#039;t really like it, but it%26#039;s all to keep them healthy! :)
Reply:I have never brushed my dogs teeth. Ever. I have owned a lot of dogs their entire lives and none of them ever had their teeth brushed. My border collie was 18 when he died and my golden retriever was 14 - both had perfect teeth that were never brushed.

If you feed your dog dry dog-food, you probably don%26#039;t need to worry about it. I give my dogs dry food and Milk Bone dog biscuits. The vet always checks for tarter and never finds any.

Good luck.
Reply:Yes, I try to take care of my Shih Tzu%26#039;s teeth, because Shih Tzu%26#039;s are known for their bad teeth! As well as many small breeds.

I brush her teeth about once a week, usually Saturday%26#039;s. It%26#039;s good for her, and she hates it! Lol.
Reply:every 20 years ! liiike myself !

noo... im just kidding at least once a week ! dogs get bad breath .. just liike humans ! %26lt;3333
Reply:Yes, make sure that you get toothpase for dogs and not people. They have enzymes that help clean the dogs teeth in addition to the actual brushing. You should also get your dogs teeth cleaned by the vet. Like people, a dog with healthy teeth will stay healthy longer
Reply:I have owned three dogs and I have never, ever brushed their teeth. My last dog, who lived to be almost 14, never had any teeth problems, either. My newest dog, a ten-month old pup, will likely never has his teeth brushed either. Every once in a while they were/are given one of those %26quot;special dental bones,%26quot; but I have yet to experience teeth problems with a dog who doesn%26#039;t regularly get its teeth brushed.
Reply:I do once weekly. Sometimes I brush them more often if I have the time but usually I am good to do it once a week! :o)
Reply:Nope, never have and never will if I don%26#039;t have to. There are enough products on the market in the way of treats and chews for dogs that I believe do a good job in cleaning my furbabies%26#039; teeth.
Reply:I%26#039;ve always wanted to ask this question on Y!A.

Yes, I do. Once or twice a week, but it%26#039;s not her favorite activity. I can only brush my golden%26#039;s teeth older dog absolutely will not tolerate it, unless there are multiple people helping. I started my golden at a very early age, so she%26#039;s used to it.
Reply:yes. try to do it once or twice a week. but most of the time i can only do in once. she hates it.

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