Monday, April 20, 2009

Does your dog have to be put under an anaesthetic to have his teeth cleaned at a vets?

Prob is i have a fear of anaesthetics i don%26#039;t want my dogs to go under one hence they have never been dressed or nutierd (i have skipped 2 minor op%26#039;s myself because of this)My eldest dog is 6, his teeth is really bad even although i brush them, give him bones and feed him a dentastick every day(it%26#039;s only the back ones thats the prob)

Does your dog have to be put under an anaesthetic to have his teeth cleaned at a vets?
A dog does need a General Anaesthetic for a scale and polish. If you are worried about your dog going under, then ask your vet to perform a Pre-anaesthetic blood test, also heart rate etc should be listened to before any anaesthetic is administered.
Reply:Unfortunately the answer is %26quot;yes%26quot;. Dogs will not sit still with their mouth open and allow the vet to clean their teeth.

You have to way out the %26quot;pros and cons%26quot;, take a chance on the anesthesia ( go to a reputable vet ) or let your dog suffer from gum disease.
Reply:I agree with saz as i used to be a vet nurse. We did used to do this on the RAF dogs though and they did not want us to put their dogs under GA so we used to use a sedative. Talk to your local vet is the best bet.
Reply:Yes a dog needs to be anesthetize to have there teeth cleened. The only animal i know of that routinly has there teeth worked on with out it are horses. If your dog is healthy there is very minimal risk to it but you vet is the best person to ask regarding this. And if your afraid they will not tell you the truth b/c they just want the $ then you need to find another vet. Or if you absolutly can not get yourself to allow it then you have to accept that the dog could possibly loose there teeth.
Reply:Hi yep they do, my dog had to have this done a few months back. I understand you being really scared we were, but you have to think about your dog, my dog is 7 and has had bad teeth for a while and it was not just the back ones and they were causing her discomfort so we had to do something. Once you get them done , if you continue with the sticks and the other methods of cleaning you are doing their teeth will be fine, but doing all this now the bads ones are still no going to get any better.

But your dog will be fine, the only thing is you have to sign to say you give promission to put your dog under, and it feels like your signing there life away and its a bit upsetting, but you dog will feel better once it can eat better.and have no pain.

If you cannot cope then why not let another family member take your dog.


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