Monday, April 20, 2009

Do you brush your dog's teeth? How often?

I haven%26#039;t needed to do any teeth cleaning since switching to Canidae dry dog food, nearly 3 years ago. Even my oldsters dog have clean white teeth and no tartar.

Do you brush your dog%26#039;s teeth? How often?
One I brush everyday, she lets me, the other is a cranky old coot and doesn%26#039;t like anyone touching his mouth. I buy big beef shin bones from the butchers for both, the old guy has had them for years and still has all his teeth and not a sign of a cavity.
Reply:Well my dogs mouth smells,So I just brush her teeth with
Reply:Use a child%26#039;s soft-bristled brush and either special dog toothpaste or baking soda. Human toothpaste is not meant to be swallowed, which is what will happen to whatever you put in your dog%26#039;s mouth. Canine toothpaste is often meat flavored, making it a more pleasant experience for the dog. Use the brush to gently clean the surfaces of the teeth. There is generally no need to rinse.

there is more information on it on my source
Reply:yes , i do brush my dog teeth with safer dogs toothbrush and toothpasted thats only for dogs . i dont brush my dog teeth every day , just once or three times week after eaten. you know that the pet shop sell dogs and cats breath mints thats shapes of milkbones for the dogs , for cats shape of cat face.
Reply:yes I try to brush them 1 time per week, but it doesn%26#039;t always happen. I ask it of my adopties too, In my puppy fact sheet. The decay on a dogs teeth can actually cause a bacteria that can go to the heart and kill them. make sure you a tooth paste for petstore or dental office or I tried the walmart brand and did not work. what a diffrence in brands. I also use a soft human toothbrush which they say not to do. but it really does not hurt your dogs teeth. I also use the scraper they sell at jefferspets. And the stuff you put in there water.
Reply:I did a couple of times and it dint work he had lost teeth
Reply:Yes especially small dogs they can build tatar and what not on there teeth which is not good for them. Also my grandmother was instructed by a vet that you should brush your dogs teeth once a day.
Reply:once or twice day tar buildup
Reply:Generally, if you feed your dog a good hard kibble, you shouldn%26#039;t have to. And if you do, according to my vet, you really only have to clean the outer side of the teeth. They usually get tartar in that area up by the gums. Good Luck!!

P.S. your local vet should have doggy toothpaste for sale if you need it.
Reply:Yes. Once or twice a week
Reply:Every other day. I use the dog toothpaste and the finger tooth brush. It take time for the dog to get used to it, but it is so important especially in toy breeds.
Reply:I brush my dog%26#039;s teeth 2-3 times a week. Make sure to buy toothpaste made especially for dogs though. Never ever use human toothpaste. I learned from my vet that brushing your dog%26#039;s teeth makes a great difference in preventing build-up and gum disease.
Reply:Yes! dogs are also prone to brushing their teeth regularly you can reduce the virus presence in their mouth
Reply:Yes. I brush my dog%26#039;s teeth every night. That is to clean out all the food remains she%26#039;s been eating the entire day.
Reply:I used the Oral B disposable thing one time. My dalmatian did not enjoy that, and tried to bite me.
Reply:Oh, I do it after I wash my dog
Reply:I never brush his teeth: don%26#039;t have to. If he%26#039;s being fed proper kinds of food, there will be no tartar build up. I%26#039;m no fan of kibble, but if you consider teeth only, there should be some brands that keep the mouth of your dog healthy and clean.

If your dog has bad breath, check his teeth: if there is plaque, get his teeth cleaned and change his food. If his teeth are clean, get him checked out completely. Unless of course the bad breath is caused by the week old dead thing he just found in the bushes and gulped down before you could stop him :-))
Reply:Try gumabone (comes in chicken and other flavors.) If your pet chews on it regularly, you%26#039;ll see a noticeable reduction in plaque.
Reply:I found his product that you just mix in the dogs water and its also safe for cats too.. Its called liquid oral care.. I found it at myers.. Also theres a websit called You do have to change the water daily but it doesnt require brushing.. They also carry oral care wips too... Its only about 4 to 5 dollars a bottle.. And so far with my 13 yr old dog its working well..


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