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Should u brush a dog's teeth?

No girl. You get that from Air Bud.

Should u brush a dog%26#039;s teeth?
YES... Vets recommend everyday and that is practically impossible so once a week is fine.
Reply:oh yes, its very good but if you cant do that dental sticks they work exactly the same.
Reply:Well, yeah, you should, but good luck. My miniature poodle always tried to bite whoever was brushing his teeth.

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It is not necessary, but it is reccomended. You can go out if you want, and buy a toothbrush.

ADDED: A dog toothbrush, that you can buy from the pet store.
Reply:yes it is recommended once a week to once every two weeks to reduce the chance of rotting.

I do my dogs teeth every two weeks along with cleaning her ears.

Do NOT use regular toothpaste as it is verrrry unhealthy for them, there is dog toothpaste at pet stores, as well we specialized toothbrushes but a baby toothbrush or small soft end toothbrush would work just as well.
Reply:yes but not with a normal can buy a dog toothbrush for dogs in your local petshop.
Reply:I actually brush my dog%26#039;s teeth twice a day, but recently I got a new spray product which I am adding into our routine that is absolutely amazing. It%26#039;s called PetzLife: Oral Care Spray. You spray it in their mouth (not even on the teeth) at night before bed and their teeth are spotless in about 2 weeks. (The bottle says 30 days, but it worked a lot faster for me).

Additionally, with my dog I am able to get my friend who is a dentist to come over and if I can hold him, scrap his teeth 3-4 times a year.

I have a neighbor additionally that swear by the Nutro Max dog biscuits in the light blue box. She says those work wonders on dogs teeth. I personally prefer the dental chew bones by Zuke%26#039;s.

Things you want to avoid are the pedigree dental bones - they are like junk food for dogs. Also greenies can be very dangerous are if your dog does not fully chew them, they will not break down in the dog%26#039;s stomach. A neighbor of mine actually had her beagle die from that.

Now how to get you started though. Buy the chicken flavored toothpaste and start by giving you dog a little bit as a treat. Then gradually move up so you brush a few teeth each day. Gradually adding more and more teeth over time. And before you know it you will be brushing your dog%26#039;s teeth.

In terms of toothbrush, don%26#039;t get one of those finger ones. Your dog can and will bite through it. I personally use a child%26#039;s toddler toothbrush - much cheaper than the pet ones and works just as well. (If you have kid%26#039;s it%26#039;s also a great way to get them to brush their teeth with the dog.)
Reply:I highly recommend you to that prevents from getting cavities and you can watch very close if anything bad on his her teeth before anything worse develop you can take to the vet.

I had a dog for 10 years and had to put her to sleep and mostly all the problems came from bad teeth
Reply:Yes you should.

They have dog toothpaste and tooth brushes.

DON%26#039;T use HUMAN toothpaste it is HARMFUL to dogs.

Use DOG toothpaste which can be found at any store.
Reply:Technically you should brush your dog%26#039;s teeth after each meal (like we do), but you can usually get away with once a week minimum. Use a small toothbrush and PET toothpaste (human toothpaste is harmful to human and dog stomachs, we can spit it out. dog%26#039;s need a toothpaste they can swallow, so be sure to get a toothpaste just for them). Another thing that helps is feeding your dog only hard kibble (instead of wet or soft food). If your dog doesn%26#039;t like having his teeth brushed, you can work up to it but introducing the brush, paste and actually brushing very slowly. The first few days just have him smell the brush and taste a little of the paste. After he becomes accustomed to them, put your hand on the top of his muzzle and gently pull each side of his mouth up. Do both sides each day for a few days. Then you can introduce the brush with his teeth. If you go slowly enough, most dogs should be fine with it.

One more thing, don%26#039;t use those Greenies/Denta Bones, I%26#039;ve seen them turn teeth and mouths green. Yuck! Good luck :)


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