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How can I keep my dog's teeth clean without using a toothbrush or taking it to the dentist?

Dry kibble doesn%26#039;t gunk up teeth like canned dog food will. Dental chew bones are nice treats on a frequent basis (1-3 times a week). But, this won%26#039;t %26quot;do it%26quot; when it comes to dental health. It%26#039;s roughly like telling your kid, %26quot;just don%26#039;t eat sweets%26quot;. It%26#039;ll help but it won%26#039;t prevent tooth decay.

OraVet is a weekly paste that you apply to the dogs teeth with a supplied applicator (from your vet. Highly recommended!!) One box has about a months worth of applications. This is my preferred method of dental care.

Toothbrush, wetted and dipped in baking soda then applied by regular brushing. Unlike OraVet, this is applied daily.

Annual pet dental care month is in February and most vets offer a discount on tooth cleaning then. This is still pricey and the dog usually needs to be given a heavily sedative for it. But, you only do it once a year. (you should be cleaning the other 11 months as well, though!). This is sort of like removing bad teeth as your regular course of dental care. It%26#039;ll keep you from dieing from the systemic infection you would have had....but your teeth still stink and look bad.

How can I keep my dog%26#039;s teeth clean without using a toothbrush or taking it to the dentist?
How would you keep YOUR teeth clean without brushing or going to the dentist? Think about that seriously for a few minutes, and whatever you come up with, do that for your dog.
Reply:go to the pet store and get a chew toy called squeaky clean or something and as they chew on it it cleans their teeth and it is cheap to
Reply:there are alot of different types of dog treats and chew toys that are made to clean dogs teath. My dog personally loves Greenies. they are a green chew bone that looks like a tooth brush. they keep his teeth really clean!
Reply:Bog biscuits, like Milk-bone are supposed to help clean Fido%26#039;s teeth!
Reply:Chicken necks are pretty good, dont cost much either.
Reply:There are plenty of chew toys and bisquits you can give your dog for dental health and fresh breath. Try visiting a pet store.
Reply:Raw bones-beef knuckle bones are great. Also, everyone I%26#039;ve spoken to who feeds raw, their dogs%26#039; teeth are as healthy as can be...
Reply:they make these green things now that look like toothbrushes %26amp; they are treats for the dog to eat %26amp; it cleans there teeth %26amp; make their breath fresh too. I think they r called Greenies or something. There%26#039;s probably a few different brands. Look at grocery store or pet store

Here%26#039;s a link to get a free sample:
Reply:there are these pads that you just rub your dogs teeth with them and ive noticed my dogs teeth are a lot cleaner because my dog does not let me use a tooth brush on her teeth there ae also mints and breath spray and other things they can chew

heres a link to the teeth pads
Reply:My dog is on Science Diet TD that is made to help keep the dogs teeth clean. It is by prescription, so visit your vet %26amp; have them prescribe it for your dog. I also buy some chews from my vet to help with her teeth. She loves the dog food %26amp; the chews!
Reply:greenies, milk bones, rawhides...anything that the dog can chew on basically, will help remove tartar
Reply:The best way by far are the two ways you are excluding. A close alternative is to use a cloth to %26quot;brush%26quot; his teeth as you would with a brush.

Dry kibble is not a substitute, though it is better than wet kibble, nor are Greenies, they are horrible for your dog by the way!!!

Some rawhide treats are okay from my experience, but should be used under supervision and never more than a couple a week. Ideally you would brush your dogs teeth every day or every other day. I guess the best suggestion is the cloth idea (don%26#039;t use human tooth paste since it is not formulated to be swallowed).

If you groom your dog regularly, this can be an additional part of their service (or is in my area), since you don%26#039;t seem to have the time for this service, this could be another good alternative.

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