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Clean my dog's teeth?

how to

Clean my dog%26#039;s teeth?
Go to the pet shop. They have special chew sticks that clean dogs teeth. Also take him/her to the vets , they can have a good look and give you the best advice. They will do a clean for you and advise on how to keep dogs teeth healthy.

Well done for looking after your pet.

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Reply:A toothbrush and a little bit of toothpaste works all the time
Reply:milkbone and some other dog biscuits promote cleaner teeth. My Dad also used a human toothbrush (hopefully he didn%26#039;t borrow mine)
Reply:buy some teeth wipes and rub them on his/her teeth. Or make him/her chew on the wipes.
Reply:Have Your Vet Do It.

There is special tooth paste that can be purchased at the store or vet. You just brush your dogs teeth like you would brush yours. You can also use baking soda. If he is an older dog, good luck with trying that. If he is a puppy start them while they are young so they are used to it and will stand still as they get older.
Reply:A toothbrush and a tiddy bit of toothpaste.
Reply:I make a paste of baking soda, water and strained chicken baby food.

Then brush away!
Reply:Ask your grocer or butcher for any surplus bones that he/she can give you. Dogs teeth are cleaned when chewing bones in much the same way people can keep their teeth clean by eating apples or similar fruit.
Reply:They sell small tooth paste and brushes for pets at any pet store.

Sometimes they look like our own tooth paste and tooth brush. Others come with something that looks like a rubber thimble (thumb puppet) which we put over our finger and put a paste on and then we rub over their teeth.

Be very careful not to rub hard on his/her teeth and gum line.

Also there are treats that help their teeth to be clean.

But it is wonderful that you want to keep your dog%26#039;s teeth clean, this will allow for him/her to maintain his health.

Gently brush the back area and slowly move forward to the more difficult teeth in the front and his/her canines.

And dont use human tooth pastes or brushes, our toothpaste is not edible for them and our toothbrushes are typically harder bristled then their.

If your dog is small you can hold him/her in your laps, but if he/she is large, then maybe you should have him/her sit (maybe with the leash on) and hold his mouth open. He/she might like the taste of the paste.

*Tip* Have the dog taste the dog paste first and see if he/she likes it.
Reply:Using a toothbrush is fine, but DO NOT use human toothpaste! This can make your doggie sick. There are doggie toothpaste that come in beef or liver flavor that are safe for you dog. Baking soda, in small amounts, is ok too. Just like you brush your own teeth-do the same for your dog. There are things such a Greenies or Nutident, that can be between the brushing tartar removers. Getting your doggie a hard rubber toy to chew on will help also. If you are doing this for the first time alone, introduce the brush as a toy to the dog. Let him sniff and chew on it a little so he knows it isn%26#039;t a bad thing. Scaring your dog into good dental hygiene doesn%26#039;t work. Hope some of this helps and good luck.
Reply:I feed a raw diet. No need for teeth brushing or dentals at the vet. Their diet keeps my dogs%26#039; teeth clean naturally.

Milk bones, kibbles etc. against popular belief, don%26#039;t do this.
Reply:If you have a veterinarian, go to their clinic and ask them about oral hygiene products such as CET enzymatic chews-which act as little toothbrushes to clean your dogs teeth as they chew, or you can buy dog toothbrush and toothpaste. If your pet has a lot of tartar buildup on his/her teeth it is recommended that you take them in to you vet and have them do a dental cleaning, scaling, polishing and flouride treatment. After a dental cleaning, the company Merial makes a product called Oravet that you can but get-its like a petroleum jelly substance that you can apply to you pet%26#039;s teeth once a week to help prolong the dental cleaning
Reply:don%26#039;t use human toothpaste, you need to go to the pet store and get toothpaste made for dogs. Dogs will swallow the toothpaste and human toothpaste can harm them.
Reply:open ur dogs teeth and with ur finger rub ur dogs teeth then after about 1 to 2 weeks take a very small cloth and agian rub ur dogs teeth with it. And one ur dog gets use to that then with a tooth brush start to get him/her used to it and then start to brush her teeth with it.

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